Kellan Cole | First Day Of Preschool 2018

    Today marks a momentous time in our lives because Kellan is at his first day of Preschool! I just can’t believe it! Time is just going way too fast for me and my mama heart CAN NOT take it anymore. A very small part of me thought I was going to cry today dropping him off, I’m proud to announce I did not shed one tear. In fact, I came home and was totally fine. I don’t want to admit it but I’ve gotten A LOT done around the house because Knox is sleeping and Kaizer has just been entertaining himself. 

    This is how Kellan’s first day of Preschool started. 

    We left early to pick up some school shirts someone had given us.
    We stopped at grandmas work to say hi.
    We then stopped at Safeway to pick up  something plates and napkins we were
    supposed to bring to the class.
    I wanted to take him to lunch since it was his first day and  he insisted we eat chicken legs
    from the deli and we ate at the park next to his school. 
    After eating lunch we headed over to his school and waited out front for Ethan.
    We took a few pictures and walked him to class. 
    He got to take a picture with his teach and hang his backpack up and started playing.

    Ethan and I left and we were good to go.


    While we were eating lunch I asked him a few questions and these were his answers.

    What is your name?
    Kellan Cole

    How old are you?

    What is your teachers name?
    Mrs. Garfield

    WHat’s your favorite color?
    Blue and red

    What’s your favorite activity?
    Do bike rides and running stuff

    Who is your best friend?

    What do you want to be when you grow up?
    I don’t know, a lego builder/lego master

    What’s your favorite food?
    Chicken legs and hamburgers

    What do you think you’ll do while you’re at school?

    What is your favorite drink?
    Apple cider, carrot juice, and Kombucha

    My super smart, loving, caring, and very adventurous boy, I know you will do great things and become the best master lego builder around! I love you!


    Kaizer Nash | 10 Month Update

    Where the heck has another month gone! My baby is 10 freaking months old! We almost have ourselves a 1 year old and I seriously can’t take it! It’s crazy to think these are all of the last moments we’ll experience with a baby and I’m trying to soak it all in while I can. A very small part of me is getting that baby fever again and I have to tell myself to get real and mentally slap myself! 

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    Easiest Beauty Trick To Save You Time In The Morning

    I am seriously all for  easy beauty tricks to save time in the morning. Some days I feel like getting completely ready, you know, the full hair and makeup done and other days I look like I was struck by lightening still wearing my pajamas from two days ago with spit up on me.
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    What’s Inside Legoland Discovery Center Phoenix

    This post is sponsored by LEGOLAND Discovery Center but all thoughts and opinions are my own.  

    We went to Phoenix last week to spend the 4th down there and we had so much! We got tickets to go to the LEGOLAND Discovery Center and the Sea Life Aquarium. The kids loved both places!  Because Kellan calls himself the “Master Builder” he can’t stop talking about going back to the LEGOLAND Discovery Center. Read more


    My Top 5 Traveling Summer Essentials

    This post is sponsored by Degree Women but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.


    We packed up our bags and went to Phoenix and man was it HOT! We enjoyed a fun trip to LEGOLAND Discovery Center and a Diamondbacks game with an awesome firework show that we barely got to see haha and lots of laughs and fun by the pool. Since Summer has officially began as of last week I thought I would share my top 5 essentials to travel with to get me through summer! All of these items came with me on our trip. 


    1. Deodorant- Of course having a good deodorant is a must when traveling during the summer. Degree Women Dry Spary has easily become on of my favorite deodorants to use. It helps prevent white marks on black and yellow stains on white. You can pick up Degree Women Dry Spray at your local Walmart. 
    2. A tinted moisturizer- This is a must that goes with my everywhere when I travel! It’s perfect when you’re sitting next to a pool or out in the heat. It has a good SPF and gives me an even skin tone.
    3. Insta Dry Nail Polish – If i’m not using my gel manicure set I got for my birthday from my sweet sister-in-laws then I love using this fast drying nail polish. It’s super easy to apply and dries to fast so I can easily chase after my little babes without having to worry about it smudging. 
    4. Face Sunscreen- I seriously love this Super Goop sunscreen. It goes over your make and keeps everything looking fresh. So if you’re in a hot climate area this is a must have! 
    5. Matte Lip- This Too Faced Matte lipstick DOES NOT MOVE! I was kissing all over the baby and it did not come off! I love that I can just throw this in my bag if I need to reapply or touch up spots. 

    What are some of your favorite items to travel with?





    The Ultimate Guide of A Bloggers Camera Gear

    Blogging and Intagramming (if that’s even a word) is all about how you take photos. Whenever I see beautiful photos on Instagram I always would wonder how people got that photo. Was it taken on a phone, a fancy pants camera, what lens was used, and what do they edit with? Well I thought I would share with you today some of my staple photography items I have!

    I love investing in my video and camera gear. I’ve recently upgrade a lot of these items and definitely did not start out with them all. So don’t feel like because you don’t have them that you can’t take awesome photos because YOU CAN! It’s all about HOW you use your items.

    Camera Gear

    Camera Body //  So I started with the Rebel t5 and I loved it as my first DSLR camera. The price point was perfect and came with two kit lenses that were perfect for me to learn the some of the ins and outs of a DSLR camera. I recently upgraded about 7 months go to the Canon 80d and I am in love! This was a big step up from the t5 but not as pricey as the 5d series! I was looking for something that was going to work with making videos too because I wanted to really start making videos with my YouTube channel. I would 100% recommend if you’re looking for a great stepping stone into a better camera body the 80d.

    Vlog Camera // So speaking of camera bodies I thought I would mention that all of my vlog style videos are made with my Canon G7x Mark ii. I love that this camera has a flip up screen. It’s small and compact and easy to travel with plus if I’m in a pitch and want to take a picture it’s a great point and shoot camera. 

    Camera Lenses // So I will list all of the lenses that I currently own. They are all Canon made and two of them I purchased used. I got a smoking deal for them both but ended up having a few issues (one was on my part and the other lens was just a freak thing that happened.) I sent them both into Canon and got them serviced and fixed and sent back to me! 

    18-55mm f3.5-5.6 This was a kit lens that I don’t use ever but it’s nice to put onto my t3i camera when someone wants to borrow it. 
    75-300mm f4-5.6 // This was also a kit lens that has a further zoom. I  never use this one but again it’s nice to have to put on when someone wants to use it. 
    18-135mm f3.5-5.6 // I bought this lens when I bought my 80d body. I was using this and my 50 a lot until I upgraded and bought the next two lenses. 
    24-70mm f 2.8 L Series // This beast of a lens was the one I was super excited about purchasing. I love using this lens for not only beautiful photos but this is my favorite lens to film with when doing any of my YouTube videos. If you have the money and are really looking into getting into photography or filming I would say get it but if you’re just trying to dabble it is extremely pricey and I would look for a used one if you could. 
    35mm f2 // I love this one! This has been my go to quick lens to take photos pretty much everywhere. It’s extremely light and because my camera is a cropped sensor body I don’t have to move back as far to get more into my photo. 
    50mm f1.8  // The 50 was my first big lens I purchased after buying my first DSLR. If you’ve ever asked me about what to purchase starting off, I’m sure you’ve heard me say this one. I recommend it to everyone. The $125 price point is perfect to start stepping up past the kit lenses. This gives you the pretty bokeh background with a sharp focused subject. 

    SD Cards / / I have about 10 different SD cards! I had nowhere to store my video footage and photos so I kept purchasing more and more SD cards. Ethan already gives me slack about it but we purchased an external hard drive so I’m done buying more cards…for now!  My favorite ones that I always find a great deal on are the PNY 64 GB. I know that seems like a lot but when you film videos or vlog that takes up a TON of space so I recently purchase the PNY128GB card and use it strictly for video only. I have the other 9 cards to use for photos haha. 

    SD Cards Case / / This case I purchased because I wanted something sturdy that would have no impact on the cards in any way. It’s worked fine the past 4 months I’ve had it. 

    External Hard Drive / / So as I was saying about my SD cards getting full and having to purchases many more cards, I did a lot of research and found this external hard drive to be the best one in my opinion. I liked that it had a barrier around it in case for whatever reason you dropped it that it would still protect it. This was pricey but so worth it. I also got one of the larger 5TB storage capacity so I wouldn’t have to purchase a ton of these external hard drives.

    Wireless Remote / / I wanted a cheap wireless remote that I wouldn’t be too upset if I lost because they are so tiny. This one has served it’s purpose and works fine. The price was great and it’s easier to rather then having to setup the wireless portion on my phone. 

    Camera Strap / / I purchased this camera strap probably three years ago. I always get compliments on it and I find it to be way cuter than the Canon camera strap they come with. Not now but I would eventually like to get a different one. 

    Lighting / / So I got these lights as a Christmas gift. I wanted something to use because a lot of the time when I’m taking product shots it’s at night after the kids have gone to bed but the horrible yellow light doesn’t flatter anything and I needed something bright that worked well. I eventually want to invest in a ring light but for now that will have to wait. 

    Tripods / / I started out using Ethans old hunting tripod. Super ghetto I know but it’s what I had at the time and it served it’s purpose. I ended up getting two tripods for Christmas one year. I use this tripod for my photos, basically anything I need to take a photo of myself with or recording videos. This gorilla tripod I use more for vlogging or close up shots.

    Camera Microphone / /  So I bought this camera microphone for my 80d to do my YouTube videos. It was the cheaper version compared to the Rode Mic. I honestly have no complaints about and am happy with this purchase. I think if I got really serious about making YouTube videos I would invest in a better mic but this one does the job.

    Voiceover Microphone / / I decided to buy a separate microphone to do voiceovers. Funny thing is…I have yet to do a voiceover in a video yet. I started doing a video with a voiceover but never ended up finishing it. I like how small this mic is and I think it’s super easy  to travel with if needed. 

    SD Lightening Adaptor / / This is a HOLY GRAIL – MUST HAVE item. I swear I wish I had this thing sooner!!! If you currently have a camera that does not have wifi capability OR if you don’t have a laptop to edit on and have all of your phone editing stuff on your phone this is a must! I use this thing all the time, it has a special place in my diaper bag.  Especially when I’m on the go and don’t want to take my laptop or want to take a nicer photo and want to post on social media. I ALWAYS use this. 

    Laptop / / If you don’t have the money for a laptop but have a DSLR camera, like I send before the lightening adaptor is a must! I wanted to dive into my blogging and invested in a MacBook Pro. I seriously love this little thing. When looking for a computer, Ethan and I talked about what we would want. He suggested a desktop which I wanted as well but when we talked about it a little more we didn’t really have a setup for a desktop and it would be nice to have a laptop that we could go and take anywhere around the house that we wanted. 

    Editing Software / / Right now I do all of my photo editing on Lightroom. I recently bought a preset off of  Etsy that I’ve been playing around with but I find Lightroom to work best for me. As far as video editing I just use iMovie on my macbook. It’s free and really easy to use. Again, if I started getting more serious about videos I would definitely invest into Final Cut Pro but for now this works for me.



    I hope you found this information helpful and useful! As always if you have any questions or need help with finding what would work best for you, shoot me a message and I’ll do my best to help you out! 




    What’s In My Diaper Bag Postpartum//MOM EDITION

    This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks


    I seriously can’t believe that Kaizer is NINE months old! I feel like he’s still my tiny little newborn and as I was looking at old photos on my phone I realized he’s not a teeny tiny baby anymore. I was chatting with one of my friends that’s getting ready to have a baby and thought, I should make a list of things I packed in my diaper bag. Packing a diaper bag after having a baby sometimes you forget basic essentials that you need to have on hand. Not just for baby but for YOU mama! I like to have a little pouch of essential items I always carry with me as a just in case.  These are my top 5 items to carry  for myself postpartum

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