$1 DIY Captain America Shield

If you couldn’t tell by the title or by my IG Stories, Kellan is obsessed with being Captain America for Halloween. On top of that, he picked out what everyone was going to be this year too. (If you want to see our family costumes you can take a peek right here!) I bought his costume and of course he wanted all of the things that came along with it. What costume is complete with out all of the accessories, right!? Well the shield ended up costing as much as the costume, and not that we couldn’t afford to buy it, I didn’t want to because I know it will either end up not being used ever or broken and in the trash! So I decided I would try and make one and see how it came out. 

Well I’m excited to say, I think it turned out pretty good! And the best part is that it only cost me $1!! How you ask? I went to our local dollar tree and picked up a pizza pan that cost $1. I had all of the paint already and to make the handle we used an old piece of strap that we had but you could use rope or think string. Just whatever you have laying around the house. 


What You’ll Need

1 Pizza Pan
Red, White, and Blue paint
Paint Brush
A Strap of some sort
A Screw
Small Piece of Wood


So to start off, I got a small piece of cardboard from an old diaper box and drew out a star. If you don’t have cardboard any piece of paper is fine.Once you have it cut out, I got a ruler and measured out where the center of the pan was. Place the star on the center spot and make an outline. I then got a bowl to trace a circle around the star. From there I free handed the circles that went around that. Start painting the from the  middle out.

 I let Kellan help me paint the first layer. You’ll need to do about 3 layers of paint so it looks all filled in. Let it dry completely about 15 minutes or so.

You’ll need a long screw and a small piece of wood the screw to go into. The strap we cut to about 12″ so it had a little extra incase we messed up. Put the screw through pan first and then screw it into the block.

And you are all set!

I have to add, the boys were playing with it and the paint started to get scratched so I added a coat of Mod Podge and it worked great! Kellan has been taking it everywhere with us, friends houses, the grocery store, and to get food. This was definitely a hit!

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