2017 Recap + 2018 Goals

2017 has been quite the year! 

From starting the year off finding out I was pregnant to celebrating a 1st birthday, a 3rd birthday, my 27th birthday, and Ethan’s 31st birthday, to having my third boy. Really diving into blogging, after I wasn’t as tired anymore, to just loving my family. We have truly been blessed with another healthy year. So lets start this off with my top posts of 2017. 

These were my top 5 posts for 2017


1. Mistletoe Cocktail With A Fizz




2. Toddler Gift Guides (That are not toys)




3. Hello There, My Name Is..



4. Postpartum Girdle Yay or Nay?



5. What’s In My Hospital Bag



I feel like this year is going to be a great one for us!

Not only for my family but also for my business/blog! I thought, what better way to hold myself accountable for the year then to write it all out for everyone to see!!! So if you see me not following up on things I said I wanted to do put me in check so I can keep on the course!  And if you missed my post about doing a Q&A you can find the link right here.  I will be posting a Q&A video at the start of the year! 

I’m going to break these goals into three parts. Goals for my home, myself/family, and my business.
So lets get to it! 


Get on a cleaning schedule

I actually just made and printed one out.  The thing is I need to implement it! I did a M-F schedule and a daily clean to keep up on the things I forget about. Now that the baby is getting on a better schedule I see this actually working for me. 

Cook dinner 5 nights a week

I know this may seem pretty normal for most people but for me having the baby and the kids I got pretty lazy about cooking and am now getting better about doing it.

Get my deep cleaning done before it gets bad

This goes hand in hand with my cleaning schedule. But the cleaning schedule is more of like a daily and weekly and doesn’t get to the nitty gritty. 



My health

This year I really want to focus on my health. Eating healthy, exercising, and my over all general health is want I really want to take extra time on. I still want to lose about 20 lbs. I know I’ll start feeling better once I drop a little weight off and really get an exercise routine going for me. 


Again, eating healthier for me and my family

I want to better about not just trying to get dinner made but be more aware of what we’re actually eating! This is going to be a tough one because I have those easy meals in my arsenal that probably aren’t the best for you!


Cut down on screen time….for myself!

I think every stay-at-home mom feels this way. Sometimes it can be lonely being at home and your only interaction with someone besides your kids are the people that are Instagram or Facebook…or whatever your social media of choice is. I want to be more in the moment with my kids and less worried about what everyone else is up to. I admit, part of blogging is keeping up on social media but I want to start dedicating a certain amount of time to that and that’s it! This year, I want to focus more on my kids. 


My Blog

Increase and Grow

I can tell this is going to be a great year for me business wise! I have been steadily growing in all aspects of my blog and social media. This year, I feel like I will make great leaps in everything! I am so thankful for all of you, my readers, followers, family, and friends that have given me this opportunity and have supported me along the way. I know a lot of people don’t really understand what this is and we are all learning together. 


Work with brands I love

So for me to keep this blog going I work with companies and businesses that pay me to promote products. I only promote brands that I love using for myself or my family. This year I have a set dollar amount I want to make  and my goal is to achieve that by working with brands! By supporting the brands I love you are helping support me as well! So thank you every that has! 


Help others achieve blogging success

I know this one may seem silly, but I’ve had SOOOOO MANY people reach out to me about blogging. Some that are already bloggers, some that want to get started, and some that are just starting! I love helping others. I know when I just started a year ago I had NO CLUE what, where, and how to do anything. Recently, I researched so much and have had to look up everything I needed to learn. It’s been good and bad. Part of me wishes I kind of had a mentor type that helped walk me through certain things or helped me get started in some areas that I waited. So this year I want to help 3 bloggers a quarter getting things set up and started. If you want to be one of these people, message me and we can talk! 


Here I have the last chance to ask any questions you have that would like to be in my video. I will be filming in 2 days and I’m answering any and all questions you might have for me! 
Click Here


Thank you everyone for all of your support this past year and I look forward to whats to come! 

Happy New Year! 


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