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March 2017

    7 First Trimester Essentials

    Since I’ve started in on the Second trimester I thought I would come up with a list of must haves to survive the first trimester! Some my say you’re a veteran mom when you’ve had more than one kid, I can honestly say this being my third I’m still learning new tricks and way to survive this pregnancy! All three of my pregnancies so far have been so different in many ways. I’ve had different level of morning sickness with all of them. Some of these things on the list may seem like no brainers but I remember being pregnant with Kellan and having no idea what I was supposed to do. I read so many blogs that helped me get an idea of what I needed to have a healthy pregnancy.

    Water Bottle

    Having a good water bottle that you can easily carry around with you and fill up throughout the day is crucial. Staying hydrated is number one during pregnancy and even after if  you’re nursing! I used this water bottle in the beginning with Kellan because I liked that I could put a lot of water in it. I also got this water bottle because I liked the straw and it was easier to drink.

    Prenatal Vitamins

    I’ve heard of some moms not taking prenatals. Personally, I like to. It gives me peace of mind knowing I’m getting all the vitamins I need to grow a healthy baby. With this third baby because I know I take them my whole pregnancy and even after birth while I’m nursing I bought this brand at Costco because they are so much cheaper and you get a whole lot more. I bought two bottle that will last this entire pregnancy.

    Ginger Candies

    I picked some up at our local health food store. If you go to Trader Joes, Sprouts, or a Whole Foods they have a section with bins of different dried fruit. The ginger candies really help with the nausea. The taste is a little spicy at first but once you keep eating them you get use to it.


    This goes with the ginger candies. I find if I’m starting to feel nauseas if I have gum to chew on it settles my stomach until I can eat something. I usually keep some in my purse and car for just in case moments.  My favorite flavor is the wintergreen and peppermint.

    Granola Bar
    A good and healthy granola bar is so great to have on hand in those uncontrollable hunger urges. If you know me, Devon I’m talking to you, you know for some reason while I’m pregnant I get HANGRY! It’s a real thing! I have to eat right away or I start to feel sick and that makes me cranky.  Having granola bars to tie me over until I can get something to eat is a total sanity saver. These are some of my favorites here and here.

    Saltine Crackers

    Again, with the snacks I always keep some next to my bed for when I get hungry in the middle of the night I have a few to snack on. Ethan loves when I crunch on these in bed and 2 and 3 in the morning, don’t cha babe!

    Lush Bath Bombs

    This pregnancy I’ve been loving taking a bath (of course with the water not too hot. You want to make sure you don’t overheat yourself.) I’m not sure if it’s because I get a little quiet time or if it’s because I get to just relax and soak for a little bit, but I love taking a bath at least once a week. When I was pregnant with the boys I loved third trimester baths. It was so relaxing when your feet and back hurt from caring that baby around all day.  These are my favorite bath bombs I’ve been using.  The Ickle Baby Bots I buy for the boys but don’t tell them I’ve been using them because I love the lavender smell!  I also love this one, this one, and this one!

    I hope you guys enjoyed this list and found some if not all of these useful. What are some of your favorite essentials to get you through your first trimester of pregnancy?





    As some people may know.. WE’RE HAVING A BABY!

    Yes you read that right. We are adding a 5th member to the band.

    If you didn’t know than SURPRISE!


    We are excited for this new and wild experience we’re going to have. Knox has no idea whats going on but still likes to kiss my belly because big brother does. Even though Kellan is only 2 he still remembers kissing my belly when I was pregnant with Knox. He always tells me Knox is the baby and he’s not in my belly. I have to let him know we have a new baby coming.

    My due date is September 6th but we’re pretty positive this baby will be born in August. Given my track record with the boys, Kellan was born at 38 weeks and Knox was born at 37 weeks, I’m guessing this baby will be here August 18th. We’ll find out the gender at the end of April. Ethan really wants a girl but I don’t mind what it is either way.

    What do you think the gender of this baby will be??


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