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June 2017

    June Beauty Favorites 2017

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    Half of the year is gone! Holy Cow!!! Well I must say I love summer beauty routines because it’s so hot that you need an easy routine and not much goes into getting ready. Fast and easy makeup is my favorite. Especially when you have a bajillion kids who really has time to get glam ready in the morning? (Not me!) Read more


    Maternity Monday | Second Trimester Essentials

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    It’s crazy to think this pregnancy is coming to an end! The 10 week countdown has begun! I was talking to Ethan a few nights ago telling him I’m going through the nostalgic part of pregnancy. I went through this with Knox Read more


    Maternity Monday | Week 29 Bump Update

    If you didn’t notice I took the last two weeks off from blogging. 1.) this third trimester with two little ones is kicking my butt,  I’ve been so tired! 2.) It’s been so nice resting and taking a break with the kiddos. Yesterday I didn’t get this up because we spent the weekend in Las Vegas Read more


    May Favorites 2017 | Hey Erin Nicole

    I can’t believe summer is finally here! I’m so excited to be out of the cold weather and into the warm sun. We’ve got so much planned and places we’re going, I can’t wait to get the summer started! I pulled out and found a lot of items that I love to use with the warm weather that look great in the summer time.

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