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March 2018

    I Don’t Need You To Envy Me

    A few weeks ago I was talking on my Instagram Stories about when I went to the grocery store and this lady asked me how old my kids were and I told her, ” 3, 2, and 6 months.” and she replied with, “WOW, you don’t waste any time.” Then she asked me what the gender was of the baby, and I told her, “I have 3 boys.” Without skipping a beat she immediately came back with, “I don’t envy you.” 

    She went on to tell me how she has two girls and one boy and her son was the hardest child. Her daughters were basically angels and her son was always rambunchus and was jumping off of stuff and was just too wild.  

    I usually don’t let stuff people say bother me about the kids but for some reason this just really stuck with me.


    I get comments ALL.THE.FREAKING.TIME. about having three boys.

    Things like, “When are you going to be trying for that girl?”

    “You have your hands full with all of those boys.”

    “Boys are so crazy, you need a sweet little girl.”

    “Are you disappointed you have all boys?”

    I could go on and on..

    When you’re a parent to just one gender I’m sure you hear these things all the time. My boys are just what I wanted and needed. I have NEVER been disappointed finding out the gender of each one of my babes. In fact, I’m excited every time because I know these boys of mine are going to be best friends for life.  

    Did I dream when I was a little girl that one day I would be a mommy to a little girl of my own, Sure! I thought we would wear matching clothes and do all of the fun things that mothers and daughters do together, like my mom and I did and still do.

    But the fact is, I don’t want you to envy me. I am so lucky to have the life and kids that I have and wouldn’t trade anything. I would do this all over again, three boys and all! 


    When I was pregnant with Kellan I just never imagined that I would have a little boy. When we came home from finding out I was so excited. I couldn’t wait to have a little boy and do all of the things little boys love! Finding out Knox was a little boy was a huge relief. Not because I didn’t want a daughter but because I know it would be easier on us as a family not only financially but the boys would always have each other to do those things with. Kaizer was just icing on the cake! All three of my boys will be best friends, play sports, and just wrestle with one another. 


    So if you see a mom with all of her daughters, or all of her sons, or a mom with one of each gender just know she’s more than happy with the kids that she has. And I guarantee she wouldn’t have it any other way.



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