6 Month Postpartum C-Section Update

Six months has seriously flown by! With each kid I say this but this time I really mean it! It feels like yesterday I had to have an unplanned c-section and today my little babe is crawling around and pulling himself up on everything!

I thought I would go through all of my postpartum like things that have happened this last six month post c-section. Since this was my first I’m not an expert in any way but this is my experience with a caesarian.

Scar Tenderness

Since I do have boys and they like to wrestle they’ve stepped, pushed, hit, and have head butted my scar. Even being six months in, the scar is still a little tender some times. I can’t push too hard on it or apply too much pressure. With that being said, it doesn’t hurt in my everyday life of just walking around bending or stuff like that.

Scar Coloring

It’s starting to look better. I was extremely pink and redish. It still has the pink look but not as bad as it was a couple months ago. I’ve been using Bio Oil and Vitamin E Oil on it. Usually after I get out of the shower. The purple color has seem to be almost completely gone. The scar is looking a lot more normal and not as raised

Workouts Post C-Section

So obviously the first 2 months post cesarean is for you to just relax and recover because you just went through a major surgery. They sliced and diced you and out came a beautiful baby! So, the first two months of me having baby Kai I did nothing workout related. I seriously mean nothing. Getting out of bed and picking up all of my kids felt like a workout alone. But after that I slowly started getting back into doing just regular stuff that you normally do. A longer walk with the kids, bending up and down to pick things up without squinting from pain, you know, the usual. About 3 months postpartum I started doing quick little post pregnancy workouts and then about 4 1/2 months PP, I started doing the T25 workout by Shaun T and it was great! It’s 25 minutes a day and totally kicked my butt at first. I’ve taken a break the last month from it but I’m ready to get back into doing it! So my point is, DO NOT be in a hurry to workout and get back to your “pre pregnancy body” after having a c-section. You need to let your body heal properly so when you are ready you can workout and not have any complications from doing things too soon.

Wearing Clothes

So this is a big one for me. They had to cut mine a little higher than they normally do because Kaizer was stuck so far under my ribcage. So for me lower rise pants were very uncomfortable. My underwear even were bothering me for awhile. I had to wear the biggest panties that went up to my belly button because of where my normal underwear were sitting would start to hurt throughout the day. (I know, I know, SUPER SEXY) I have really become a mom and started buying high waisted jeans because I don’t love for them to sit on my hips anymore. I also wear A LOT of leggings and I’m sure this summer I will be living in dresses! Low rise stuff just isn’t for me at this moment anymore. I don’t tend to gravitate towards those items as much as I do my high rise stuff.

The C-Section Pooch

Yes, this is a real thing. Seeing that I’ve had two kids vaginally and had the “after birth pooch”, a c-section pooch is worse. Just imagine your pooch but with a slice through it. So now you have a pooch that HANGS OVER your cut. It’s almost as if your incision is a little shelf! I’m weighing about 132-135 lbs so it’s starting to go a way SLOWLY, but it is going away. I’m hoping to lose about 10 more pounds and fingers crossed this shelf will be gone forever!




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