All-In-One Cover Review

I know it’s Tuesday and I’m just getting this up because well….I don’t even know where Monday went! It’s like I blinked and woke up this morning and it’s now Tuesday!  So for this Mom Monday/Tuesday this sweet mama of 3 sent me this 5-in-1 multi-use infant carseat cover and I love it! You can follow her IG here to see what other things she has going on! I love that the color is so gender neutral! I’ve only used it as a carseat cover and for nursing but it can also be used for a highchair cover, shopping cart cover, or as a scarf! I seriously love how versatile this cover is! Little Kaizer isn’t ready for the shopping cart or highchair but I can’t wait to use it when the time comes. 

It’s made of a jersey knit and the fabric is so soft! I’ve used different carseat covers before and they always made the little babe too hot but this fabric is so nice. It doesn’t feel like he’s going to be over heated (because you know I live in Arizona and it’s still a million degrees outside!)  I like that it’s so breathable while nursing too because you don’t get too hot. The convenience of not having to carry around so many things the best because well  you know as a mom you already have plenty of things to carry around why add something else!  

And well, you know the old nursing covers that you wrap around your neck? Well I never really cared for them because I hated when I would lift my shirt up you could see my whole side/back/and even stomach while I was nursing. This covers you all around so no worries if your chonies are hanging out…no one will notice! No but in all honesty it’s nice to feel secure if you choose to cover up while nursing. You don’t feel like if  the baby is going to get fussy or start kicking that your cover is going to flip up or pull to the side. You know that you’re secure and no one can see what’s going on.  It’s easy to wash and super light weight and soft! You can find this cover over on Amazon and if you’re a Prime member it has free two day shipping which is always a plus! 

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