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    Our Breastfeeding Journey From A Third Time Mom




    Over the past 3 + years has been a huge roller coaster ride!  Not just because of pregnancy but also breastfeeding three little boys. I haven’t been one of those moms that has nursed my boys until they were each two but I did get past the hardest part with all of them. Read more


    AZ College Savings Plan + Coloring Contest

    These little guys right here are the most important things to me! It is NEVER too early to start thinking about our childrens education.  I know for us we want our kids to go to school and putting money away now is our best bet. If we want to someday be able to afford to put all three boys through college this is where we need to start. If you don’t know what to get your kids or grandkids this holiday season, think of their future and helping them put money away for for their education!  Read more


    Postpartum Girdle | Yay or Nay!?

    The answer is a big fat YES!  Holy cow, have I noticed a huge difference. Now I have to say this time around because of my C-Section the circumstances were a little different but I can tell a huge difference in my body going back down to size (or well my new size for now).  Read more


    How To Pack Protein When You’re A Busy Mom





    I’m always looking for ways to get some good healthy snacks to take with me when we’re on the go.  Without fail when you have kids and you leave the house someone is inevitably hungry Que my eye roll because we just got done eating breakfast 15 minutes before we loaded in the car and someone wants a snack.  Read more


    Maternity Monday | PinkBlush Summer Dress

    *This post is sponsored by PinkBlush but as always all thoughts are my own.


    I hope everyone had a great weekend!
    I know I did with my little mom getaway. 

    I just got this cute little number in the mail last week and couldn’t wait to wear it! If you’ve never heard of PinkBlush, girl you’re missing out! They carry the latest fashion in womens and maternity wear and all kinds of awesome accessories Read more


    Get Organized for 2017 with A Giveaway!

    This post was sponsored by Start Planner
    All thoughts are my own


    Do to personal reasons winner will be announced December 29th!

    Sorry for any inconvenience


    Who’s ready for 2017?!  I can’t believe it’s right around the corner! 2017 is going to be a great year! I have big plans for this blog, our family, and I’m excited for the journeys we have ahead of us with the boys. That being said, I am one of those people that need to write things down or else I forget. I am a list making junkie. Do they have support groups for planner addicts?


    I couldn’t be more excited to use this Start Planner.  This bad boy is so organized any planner addict would be excited to use it. It has a monthly overview and than a break down by day and into each hour. You can keep track of your water intake for the day. They also have a reminder to work out and to take your vitamins. Each month has a mini goals, grocery list, and a health check to help you keep track of your fitness goals.



    Something I really love is that in the front of the planner it has a section to write down your goals for the year, monthly break down of a savings and expense plan, and it has a list for seasonal cleaning (which I DEFINITELY need in my life). When looking for your own planner what is a must have that you look for? Me, I love a good notes section because I have random thoughts and things that I need to write down so I don’t forget. Mom brain is a real thing!!


    I am so excited that one lucky reader is going to win this beautiful planner! All you have to do to enter into the Start Planner giveaway is make sure you head over to my INSTAGRAM page, like and comment with one goal for 2017 and enter HERE! Contest ends December 23!! Winner will be announced December 27!

    Thank you all so much and I hope you love this planner as much as I do!




    Holiday Product Spotlight with JORD Wood Watches

    This post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches


    Holidays are known as the season of giving and what better gift than a beautiful and unique  JORD Wood Watch! It’s so hard shopping for a guy that doesn’t need or really want much. I just recently have been talking about looking for a nice watch to get Ethan and when JORD reached out to me I thought this couldn’t be more perfect! Ethan, being the mechanical man that he is, loved this Dover Series because you could see all of the gears winding around. This specific watch we got for him was the Ebony and Rosewood.  Something I found interesting was that the Rosewood was from Brazil and the Ebony is from East Africa, how cool is that!

    This is such a beautiful time piece and for the price you can’t beat it! One of the coolest feature about all of the  JORD Wood Watches is that they are self winding which means they are battery free. I’m a little embarrassed to say that I may be known to have a few watches in my closet that are in desperate need of a battery.




    Every single one of the watches on the website are absolutely beautiful! They also have Womens Wood Watches so if you’re looking for a special gift for someone or even yourself you must check them out! If you have no idea where to start for your lady, here is my favorite Frankie Series. You still have time to order a watch for it to be here before Christmas.


    Don’t forget to sign up HERE to get a special code for a $25 gift card to use on your watch!


    Luxury Wooden Watch

    Wooden Wristwatch