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    Kaizer Nash | 2 Month Update

    I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween! I know we did! This was Kellans first year really understanding what trick or treating was and he loved running with the older boys to every house he could. Knox just liked walking up to the doors and saying twick o tweat. haha Now we have a ton of candy that I have to eat, dang it. Our little Kai turned 2 months old yesterday and needless to say everyone is still so in love with him. He’s been a great baby for the most part and just loves to snuggle.  Read more


    $1 DIY Captain America Shield

    If you couldn’t tell by the title or by my IG Stories, Kellan is obsessed with being Captain America for Halloween. On top of that, he picked out what everyone was going to be this year too. (If you want to see our family costumes you can take a peek right here!) I bought his costume and of course he wanted all of the things that came along with it. What costume is complete with out all of the accessories, right!? Well the shield ended up costing as much as the costume, and not that we couldn’t afford to buy it, I didn’t want to because I know it will either end up not being used ever or broken and in the trash! So I decided I would try and make one and see how it came out. 

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    10 Things I Said I Would Never Let My Kids Do Before I Became A Mom

    You know you have those friends that have kids that you’re just like, “What the heck!?” Why are they letting them do that or eat that? And then you tell yourself the famous last words because you aren’t a parent..yet, “When I have kids, I WILL NEVER LET MY KIDS DO THAT!”  Well I am totally guilty of saying and doing those things. This is my list of things that I said I would never let my kids do before I became a mom. 


    “I will NEVER let my kids go out in public dressed like a mess.”
    Now I still kind of follow this one and I would say about 80% of the time they look way more presentable then myself. But we have had some times that hair isn’t brushed, food is on the shirt, and they do not have matching socks. 

    “I will NEVER let my kid walk around with a runny nose.”
    Again, I still try to keep up with this one because runny noses are pretty gross but sometimes you just have to give that nose a break.

    “I will NEVER let my kids eat food off of the floor.”
    I always thought it was so disgusting when I would see some parents let their kids eat food that fell on the floor. I still do especially in public places but since my second one was born and I’ve been pregnant with my third I have witnessed my sons find crackers and some other things that have been on the floor and eat it and I, admittedly, have not tried to stop them. I just let it happen.  I am that mom now. 

    “I will NEVER let my kids eat sugary desserts.”
    Again, I still try not to. haha it always drives my friends nuts that I don’t let the kids eat cake and ice cream at birthday parties.

    “I will NEVER let my kids watch TV all day”
    I am so guilty of letting the TV be on ALL.DAY.LONG. My third pregnancy really took a toll on me and the tv was on at least 50% of the day. Do your thang mama! Whatever gets you through the day.

    “I will NEVER cuss in front of my kids.”
    F%&* that S#@!  haha Kidding! I don’t really cuss in front of them. On occasion it slips but I really try to be more conscious of what we’re saying in front of the kids because I’ve got a bunch of parrots!

    “I will NEVER let them eat fast food.”
    Pregnancy makes you do crazy things.  I was obsessed with Jack in The Box tacos. I know, I know, they’re so delicious! Kellan has experienced my addiction to these during pregnancy 2 times now so he’s all for the late night taco run.

    “I will NEVER let my kids sleep with me.”
    We have a queen bed and Ethan and I barely sleep comfortably on there just the two of us so adding a kid or two or three is just tough. The baby sleeps in his little cosleeper attached to my bed and on occasion the boys come into bed with us.

    “I will NEVER give my kids cereal for breakfast..and lunch..and dinner.”
    I don’t really buy cereal but it’s more oatmeal. haha I am guilty of giving the kids oatmeal for breakfast and lunch and if Ethans not home we have it for dinner too some times!

    “I will NEVER let them wear PJs all day.”
    Now this was just a dumb one that I thought wasn’t ok. I love being in PJs so naturally my kids love it too! In fact, I’m typing this up at 2 in the afternoon and we are all still in our pajamas. No shame here!


    I’ve learned that the term, never say never, really stands true when you become a parent!
    What are some things you said you’d never let your kids do before you had them?




    Second Annual Mortimer Farm Trip

    This was our second year to visit Mortimers Farm! They had so much more going on for the kids and I’m guessing they had a blast because they knocked out after less than 10 minutes in the car.  They had animals, lots of slides, kids zipline, a cornmaze, hayride, a little kids train, dog and pig races, and just so much more!  I have to say this year was WAY hotter then last. I should just expect that though living in Arizona. Kellan is already talking about going again next year. If you missed last years trip you can check it out here. Read more


    Kaizer Nash | 1 Month Update

    I just want to start this off by saying how incredibly heartbroken we are to about what just happened last night in Las Vegas. I said it earlier and I’ll say it again, It’s so hard to wrap my head around that fact that this happened and so close to our home. We knew people that were there and thankfully are safe. My heart and prayers go out to everyone involved, the victims, the survivors, the families, first responders, and everyone else that this has taken a toll on.  I’m glad as a community and a nation that we can all come together and help support the people that are in need right now.  If you’re looking to donate money you can here or if you would like to donate blood you can look at your local hospital. 


    Now on to my little Kaizer,

    My little guy is the sweetest addition to our family.
    He hardly ever cries which is a nice change of pace compared to my other two.
    He is the biggest grunter at all times of the day (especially at night).
    He loves his milk and still likes to be swaddled!
    Both of the boys never let me swaddle him.
    Kai is the biggest cuddle bug and loves to fall asleep on anyone that’s holding him.
    He is wearing 0-3 month clothes and size 1 diapers.  
    His brothers are absolutely and completely obsessed with him!


    Kaizer weighs 9.7 lbs
    Is 20 1/2 inches long
    And has a 14.5 ”  head

    He has by far been my biggest baby.



    Hello There, My Name Is..

    Now let me start this off by saying that birthing a baby is no joke. Anything and everything that comes with it is unexpected. There is no guarantee how things will go. You think you’re going to have a medicated birth, WRONG. YOU’RE NOT. You think you’re going to have a natural birth, WRONG. YOU’RE NOT! You think you’re just going with the flow of giving birth vaginally, WRONG. YOU’RE NOT.

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    Why My Kid Won’t Be Starting Preschool..Yet

    I see all of these kids starting school and it’s super exciting! Experiencing firsts days and packing fun little lunches with cute little notes is getting me so excited for when my kids will be starting school. I’m envisioning myself pulling up in my mini van (which I don’t have..but still), dropping my baby off for his first day of school, taking tons of pictures to commemorate this next milestone,  stopping at the nearest coffee shop with my other mom friends that have kids in school, thinking how much free time I will have now. But for now that dream of mine is going to wait… Read more