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    Kaizer Nash | 2 Month Update

    I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween! I know we did! This was Kellans first year really understanding what trick or treating was and he loved running with the older boys to every house he could. Knox just liked walking up to the doors and saying twick o tweat. haha Now we have a ton of candy that I have to eat, dang it. Our little Kai turned 2 months old yesterday and needless to say everyone is still so in love with him. He’s been a great baby for the most part and just loves to snuggle.  Read more


    What’s In My Fawn Design Diaper Bag?

    Now that I’ve been going out with all three of the kids I’ve got a good idea of what I really need to carry around with me. When I only had Kellan I literally carried anything and everything! I always wanted to be prepared for anything that might happen. Now I just keep things that I need.  One thing that I changed up this time around was getting a backpack. Read more


    Keeping Babies Gut Healthy






    When Knox was born, I was so excited to start our breastfeeding journey together. I told myself that this time around I was going to do better because I had already nursed a baby and learned what I could and couldn’t do. I thought I knew the ins and outs of breastfeeding so  I couldn’t wait to put it all to the test.  

    This time, I’m not going to start off with a low supply from the beginning 

    This time, I won’t wait a month to finally get a good latch

    This time, I’m going to pump and have a stash so I can leave the house if I want Read more


    All-In-One Cover Review

    I know it’s Tuesday and I’m just getting this up because well….I don’t even know where Monday went! It’s like I blinked and woke up this morning and it’s now Tuesday!  So for this Mom Monday/Tuesday this sweet mama of 3 sent me this 5-in-1 multi-use infant carseat cover and I love it! You can follow her IG here to see what other things she has going on! Read more


    Never Say These 5 Things To A New Mom

    Have you lost all the baby weight yet? 

    10 times out 10 after you have a baby you still look like you’re pregnant. Just because the baby came out doesn’t mean all of the weight did too.  It took nine months to grow the baby and they say it takes nine months to take it off.  And for the record, nursing a baby turns you into a ravenous beast. I can pretty much eat double my weight in food. So that’s not really helping me drop the weight either. Read more


    Hello There, My Name Is..

    Now let me start this off by saying that birthing a baby is no joke. Anything and everything that comes with it is unexpected. There is no guarantee how things will go. You think you’re going to have a medicated birth, WRONG. YOU’RE NOT. You think you’re going to have a natural birth, WRONG. YOU’RE NOT! You think you’re just going with the flow of giving birth vaginally, WRONG. YOU’RE NOT.

      Read more


    What’s In My Hospital Bag?

    I’m finally 37 weeks and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. The pregnancy finish line is creeping up on me. I feel like this was the fastest pregnancy I’ve ever had and I’m not sure I’m 100% ready for it to end. I say this every time I’m about to have a baby but the miracle of pregnancy and knowing that you are growing an actual human being that could potentially change the world one day just blows my mind. It’s so something I’m so proud and scared of at the same time.

    Read more

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