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    Maternity Monday | Week 29 Bump Update

    If you didn’t notice I took the last two weeks off from blogging. 1.) this third trimester with two little ones is kicking my butt,  I’ve been so tired! 2.) It’s been so nice resting and taking a break with the kiddos. Yesterday I didn’t get this up because we spent the weekend in Las Vegas for Fathers Day and my birthday!! We were traveling home yesterday. We had so much fun hanging and relaxing by the pool. The boys are total water babies! And who would have thought in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip you could see tigers, leopards, and dolphins!? We stopped at the Siegfried and Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat, you should definitely go check it out if you’re looking for something to do! (Just don’t go in the middle of summer because it was so unbelievably hot!!



    How far along: 29 weeks. 30 tomorrow!!!

    Gender: BOY!

    Weight gain: 15lbs

    Maternity clothes: I’m trying not to buy any but my two pairs of shorts aren’t cutting it!!

    Sleep: Baby boy keeps kicking me in all hours of the night!!

    Best moment this month: Seeing both of my boys kiss my belly! Kellan and Knox love kissing their brother!

    Worst moment this month: Haven’t had a bad moment so far this month.

    Miss anything: I miss my clothes fitting me! It’s been hot and everything feels too tight! #summerpregnancyproblems

    Movement: He’s an active little guy! My belly is always moving!

    Cravings: I’ve been wanting lots of ice  cream! 

    Queasy or sick: Thankfully no!

    Looking forward to: Spending these last few weeks as a family of four!


    Maternity Monday | 26 Week Bump Update

    Maternity Monday on a Tuesday…ahh!! This week has got me all jumbled! I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day with their families. I know we did!  A big thank you to all the men and women that have and are serving and especially to the ones that made the ultimate sacrifice that we got to celebrate yesterday.  I figured since I haven’t done an update in awhile I would get one up! 


    How far along: 26 weeks

    Gender: BOY! 

    Weight gain: 10-12 lbs. I fluctuate depending on if I ate or not!

    Maternity clothes: I still have my two pairs of maternity shorts that I wear and lots of dresses.

    Sleep: HORRIBLE! I’m passing a kidney stone right now and it’s been a real B to deal with. 

    Best moment this month: Finally found out we’re having a little boy and seeing him move around all the time!

    Worst moment this month: Passing this stupid kidney stone. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy.

    Miss anything: Being able to bend over and pick things up without getting out of breath. 

    Movement: This little boy is so active just like his brothers were.

    Cravings: Spicy food which is a real pain because it’s starting to give me heartburn. 

    Queasy or sick: Thankfully no! 

    Looking forward to: Getting a relaxing weekend in a few weeks for my birthday! 



    Dress: The Mom Capsule // Shoes: Target

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    Maternity Monday | PinkBlush Summer Dress

    *This post is sponsored by PinkBlush but as always all thoughts are my own.


    I hope everyone had a great weekend!
    I know I did with my little mom getaway. 

    I just got this cute little number in the mail last week and couldn’t wait to wear it! If you’ve never heard of PinkBlush, girl you’re missing out! They carry the latest fashion in womens and maternity wear and all kinds of awesome accessories to go with every outfit.  I love that they have sizes for everyone, ranging from small to 3x. I have to admit I’ve been a little obsessed with my dresses having pockets on them because it’s so easy to throw something in there while the boys and I are out and they’re playing, when I saw this dress had pockets I was so excited!  I picked this razorback style dress in a small because it looked so comfortable but still so stylish, and of course the pockets sold me! It also comes in a beautiful peach color as well. My favorite part is that PinkBlush is not only super affordable (and have the cutest maternity clothes) but they make their maternity wear great for transitioning from pregnancy to postpartum easy.  I can’t wait to wear this dress even after baby boy makes his appearance.  


    DRESS: PinkBlush / SHOES: Maurices 




    Maternity Monday | 10 Things You Must Do Before Baby Arrives

    Hello! I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day yesterday! I know I did!  Ethan and the boys surprised me with some plants and cacti that I’ve really been wanting and some beautiful flowers! We went to brunch with my family and saw that new movie Snatched. A very relaxing and great day if I do say so myself! 


    And on to our list..


    1. Plan a small getaway! I can’t emphasize enough that taking a trip before little one comes is huge. Whether this is your first baby or your fifth, getting away with your partner before baby comes is so nice. Once baby is here you definitely CAN go do those things but it’s not the same when you have to follow a little ones schedule. 
    2. Soak up every nap you can get. Sometimes naps just are not possible for everyone but if you get the chance to, do it! I have grandmas that live close to me and when they offer to come watch the kids so I can rest you better believe I’m taking a nap!! 
    3. Pregnancy photos. When you’re babe gets bigger you’re going to look back on those times and be so thankful you have your bump pictures. 
    4. If you have older kids, spending one-on-one time with them. A lot of your time is going to be spent on the new baby and you want to make sure that they still feel loved and cared for. When we brought Knox home I remember it was quite an adjustment because if I was nursing or helping him I couldn’t just jump up and help Kellan with what he needed. He had to learn to be patient and wait for me to get to him.
    5. Have someone help or hire to deep clean your house.  Nesting is no joke. Wanting your house to be spotless clean before baby arrives is normal. Plus you probably won’t be deep cleaning anytime soon after you have the baby.
    6. Have meals prepped. Now this is something I’ve never done while pregnant but now that I have kids that eat that I need to take care of we will be prepping and freezing meals to last a few weeks.
    7. Have your bags packed. It sounds silly to have to tell someone but when I was pregnant with Kellan my bag didn’t get packed until the day I went into labor with him! Can you say procrastinator.
    8. Preregister at your hospital. Now this is something that I WILL be doing this time. I missed out on my epidural with Knox because I wasn’t registered and the nurse had to do all of that before we could call someone in. Lesson learned!
    9. Get baby’s room and sleeping area ready. If you’re nesting then I’m positive you already have the nursery ready to go but if you haven’t yet, you’ll need to figure out if you want to co-sleep with your little one or if they’ll be sleeping in their room. Have some clothes washed and ready for babes arrival and a whole lot of diapers ready to go! 
    10. Pamper YOURSELF!  I always get a pedicure a few weeks before baby is due. I like to go get a facial or some kind of relaxing treat. You deserve it mama! You’ve been growing that baby for 9 months and need a little pampering before your sweet bundle of joy arrives! Just a side not, massages have been known to help induce labor incase you need another excuse to go! 




    We’re Having A…

    So earlier today went to our ultrasound..I was so excited to finally find out what this little baby was! 

    Yesterday, when I went to my monthly checkup and I left, I had this weird inkling that we were having a boy. This entire time if you asked me what I thought it was going to be I would have told you it was a girl but after I left yesterday I just knew it was a boy!

    Todays ultrasound we found out that we are welcoming baby boy #3  to the Kleefisch house! These boys are going to have so much fun together and I can’t wait to see what we have in store for us!  

    I am officially a hardcore #boymom 


    Dress: Ellie & June 


    Maternity Monday | 21 Week Bump Update

    Last week was supposed to be when we found out the gender of this little baby of ours but our house was taken over by some nasty flu that’s been going around and all four of us were out of commission so I had to reschedule our appointment!  So fingers crossed, tomorrow we get to see our little peanut and make sure everything is going good.

    How far along: 21 weeks

    Gender: We still haven’t found out yet! Hopefully tomorrow!

    Weight gain: About 7 lbs.

    Maternity clothes: Still not wearing maternity clothes, just lots of maxi dresses and leggings.

    Sleep: I’ve been sleeping through the  night but this belly is getting bigger and bigger!

    Best moment this month: Just seeing my boys love this belly..they say good morning and give the baby kisses!

    Worst moment this month: Being sick! Having the flu and being pregnant is the worst.

    Miss anything: Just the usual coffee.

    Movement: This baby has been kicking a lot more and moving around.

    Cravings: This past week I’ve been craving sweets. Milk duds and hot tamales.

    Queasy or sick: Only from us being sick!

    Looking forward to: Seeing a healthy little baby!




    Maternity Monday | Week 19 Bump Update

    Since I’m about to hit the half way mark tomorrow, I thought it would be fun to start a Maternity Monday series  of keeping up with all things maternity. This week will be a bump update! I have to add how cute is that little boy of mine. We were getting ready to take a picture and he asked me if he could kiss his baby!! Melt my heart why dontcha!

    How far along: Tomorrow I will be 20 weeks!

    Gender: Next Monday we’ll find out what we will be having!!!

    Weight gain: So far I’ve been fluctuating between 5-7lbs.

    Maternity clothes: I haven’t boughten any maternity clothes. I have some left over from when I was pregnant with the boys but because I was pregnant in a different season I have a lot of winter maternity. This summer is going to be all dresses for me!

    Sleep: I sleep fine. Both the boys sleep through the night so they don’t wake me up. I only get up to use the restroom or if I’m hungry!

    Best moment this month: So far in terms of pregnancy this month we heard a healthy heartbeat. The best part will be next week when we get our ultrasound done and find out the gender!

    Worst moment this month: This has been a decent pregnancy so far. The worst is I’m starting to not fit into my clothes. It’s hard finding something comfortable because this baby sits so low between my hips.

    Miss anything: I miss eating what I want! haha and drinking coffee! I give up coffee during pregnancy but this time I’ve had some decaf but it’s just not the same!

    Movement: Baby moves when I drink really cold drinks, if I’m holding Knox on my hip the baby always hits back, and late at night when I’m going to bed I feel baby move around.

    Cravings: My cravings have been really sporadic. One day I want an ice cream cone and the next day I want nacho cheese or spicy hot wings. YUM!

    Queasy or sick: Again, I’ve really had a decent pregnancy. No morning sickness. I was feeling nauseous in the beginning but not bad.

    Looking forward to: I really can’t wait to find out what we’re having!! I’m happy either way. I think if we had a boy it would just be easier because we literally have boy everything and all the kids are fairly close in age that they would all just play with each other. But if we did have a girl it would be fun just to spice things up around here. This would be the first girl on both sides of our families so I know she would be so spoiled!!


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