Easiest Beauty Trick To Save You Time In The Morning

I am seriously all for  easy beauty tricks to save time in the morning. Some days I feel like getting completely ready, you know, the full hair and makeup done and other days I look like I was struck by lightening still wearing my pajamas from two days ago with spit up on me.
It’s called balance, right!? 

So this has been a total lifesaver in the morning for me to make me feel like I don’t look like a complete slob some days when I roll out of bed and throw a ball cap on. I of course know this is not for everyone and it is a financial thing to keep up on but it’s the same as getting your nails done and your hair cut and colored if this is something you like to do. I’ve started doing my own at home gel manicures to save me money and I would rather pay to get this done. 


I started getting eyelash extensions!! 

I originally decided I wanted to get them done because we were getting ready to go on vacation to California to to take the kids to LEGOLAND and the beach, you can read about that here if you missed it, and I knew I wouldn’t get a chance to really get ready but I didn’t want to look like I wasn’t put together at all in all of our family pictures so I made an appointment to get them done. 

A little side note: I had gotten them done before when kellan was a baby, kind of around Kaizers age now, and I liked the way they looked but they felt a little heavy on my eyes and I hated that I couldn’t rub my eyes in the shower or getting out of the pool so I never went and got them filled again. They were a little pricey for me not to stay on them and get them filled. 

So, this time around my mom had mentioned to me that the beauty school we have here locally offers a full set of lashes for a discounted prices. Since I was only planning on getting them done for my two trips I thought what the heck can’t beat the price for not having to get ready! I went almost 30 days with no makeup. My face looked so much better and cleared up but I still felt like I looked fine with no makeup! 

(2 weeks on the left; a fill on the right)

I 100% feel like this is a great investment for summer to get your eyelashes done because it gives you confidence even when you don’t have time to get ready in the morning and is definitely a time saver durning the week!


Have you ever tried eyelash extensions and if so how did you feel about them?


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