Family Beach And Legoland Vacation 2018

We went on our first ever family vacation with just the five of us! It’s always a little stressful planning a vacation with little ones and deciding what we want to do and what fits with the kids schedules but let me tell you, we had a blast! Yes we had a few meltdowns along the way (mostly from me!) and our vacation wasn’t perfect to a T but was something I know I won’t forget and hopefully the kids can look back on this and know that we had a good time with them. 

So our vacation officially started on Thursday, we got the car and kids loaded up and headed on our way out of town. It was a little over 6 hours for us to make it to Oceanside where we were staying at. This included two bathroom stops because well you know, potty training! Everyone  got settled for the night and we were off to bed because we had a big Legoland day ahead of us!


Legoland Day 1

I will start with this, I 100% recommend getting the 2 day hopper pass that Legoland offers! We weren’t even close to seeing everything they had to offer the first day and only got to ride a handful of rides. I told Ethan I was so thankful that we got the 2day pass because I wasn’t stressing about not seeing everything and we really got to enjoy every part of the park without feeling super rushed. The kids had so much fun and enjoyed running around and everywhere we turned they had lego spots to build things. Oh and the Grannys Apple Fries are the best! A must have if you’re there!


Beach Day 1

So the next day we went down to San Diego to meet up with someone that Ethan had just met at one of our friends weddings. He has been talking about surfing the last 2 years-ish and I’m so excited he finally was able to! The kids and I had fun playing at the playground and exploring the area down there!





I’m so happy that we got the 2 day pass! The second day we got to leisurely make our way around the park and hit up all of the rides we liked and ones we missed and wanted to ride. The kids enjoyed doing all of the activities that were going on. Kellan, Knox, and Ethan built a lego boat and sent it down to race. We looked at all of the amazing lego cities they built and got to meet some fun characters.


The second beach day we had was so much fun! We walked the boardwalk that they had across from our hotel and built sandcastles laid on the warm sand just enjoyed each others company. We at a delicious restaurant and headed home. 


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