How To Get Your Space Airbnb Ready

If you’ve followed along on my Instagram account for the last month then you know we’ve turned our mother-in-law suite into an Airbnb. This has been so much better then we could have ever expected! I never in a million years  would have thought that this could be a real source of income for us. We live in a small town but surprisingly we have been so busy. I came up with a list of a few items I think are a must to get your room, house, or rental property ready for Airbnb guests. 

NO. 1



The number one item to have and to splurge if you don’t have already, is a keyless lock. We originally had the Schlage Electronic Deadbolt lock before we started with Airbnb. We love this lock but we quickly learned once we started our Airbnb that our guests were not locking the door behind them and there was no way for us to know if it’s been unlocked all day. So I started searching the web to find out if there was any way to lock your deadbolt from your phone. I was shocked at how many there were but the Schlage Smart Sense just really stuck out to us because it’s a brand we already love and trusted. Schlage was nice enough to send us the lock and we honestly couldn’t be any happier with it.

The Schlage Smart Sense is EVERYTHING I was looking for in a lock to use for our Airbnb. I can check from anywhere to see if my front door is locked by setting up the Schlage Wi-Fi Adaptor. (Which I recently did when I was in Vegas and locked the front door from my phone!!!) I can easily set up codes for new guests within minutes without having to be anywhere near my lock. I can check the history of the codes that have been used to know who is entering and at what time. The deadbolt can hold up to 30 codes! It also has an alarm that you can set to go off if someone is attempting to break in. 

This Schlage Smart Sense lock has been a dream to work. I’m already looking at getting one for our other rental house because it’s that easy to use. The number one perk of this lock is that there is no monthly subscription to use the service. It keeps the history of who stays and doesn’t charge you which is always a plus in my book!

NO. 2

The second is white everything. White towels, white sheets, white comforter, white blankets. Now some people may not agree with this but I was researching a lot the first week we posted our Airbnb. I came across someones article sharing that white everything feels cleaner. I couldn’t agree more. White means you can see every.little.thing. Which as a host means a little more work because you need to make sure everything is sparkling clean but being on the guests end its reasurance that everything is sparkling clean. 

NO. 3

Speaking of white everything, things will be so much easier on you if you have a second set of everything that calls for washing. 2 beds=4 sets of sheets. I know that sounds like a lot but trust me when I say it’s a total time saver and in the long run money saver. So the first week of The Casita being open I was doing so much laundry. I would be cutting it so close to my 3pm check-in time because I would have to wash and dry everything. That’s 3 loads of laundry!  So I have seriously cut it down big time by getting a second set of all linens. I go in strip everything from the room, bring my tote of all of the clean linens and get everything remade and clean the room from there. When I’m done I can wash everything on my own time without feeling stressed about having everything ready. 

NO. 4

Water and snacks are one of the biggest compliments we’ve received. Everyone loves that we leave a few snacks in there. We also leave water in the fridge and because we advertise our fire pit I like to leave a sleeve on graham crackers, a herseys chocolate bar, and some marshmallows for our guests.  We offer light breakfast items for guests such as yogurt, fruit, instant oatmeal, and pancake mix.  These things are extremely inexpensive and go a long way to make each guest enjoy their stay

NO. 5

A little personal home decor touch. I don’t mean that you need to go spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on home decor items because trust me decorating can get real spendy super quick. You want to make your guests feel like they are at home. I’ll post some pictures of what I had when I started the airbnb. Now that we’re almost a month in a half in I’ve been slowly finding things to add to the space.  I’ve been thrifting items and up cycling items, I’ve even built the headboard I added in there. Best $55 I’ve ever spent. The tutorial will be coming soon! 

Here’s a tip:
Big furniture items are perfect things to be thrifted. Leather couches, bed frames, night stands, dining room tables, shelves, home decor photos/prints. 
Things I don’t think you should find at second hand stores. Mattresses, sheets, towels, sleeping pillows, comforters.



I hope this was helpful for you to get an idea of things you should think about when getting your own Airbnb started. If you have a place and are interested in becoming a host click here to get started! If you’re looking at staying at an Airbnb click here to get a discount on your first stay of $75 or more.


You asked and here it finally is! A mini video tour of our studio style Casita. I hope you guys enjoy and if you want me to start a little Airbnb Series here on my blog let me know in the comments with some suggestions of things you would like to see. 



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