How To Pack Protein When You’re A Busy Mom





I’m always looking for ways to get some good healthy snacks to take with me when we’re on the go.  Without fail when you have kids and you leave the house someone is inevitably hungry Que my eye roll because we just got done eating breakfast 15 minutes before we loaded in the car and someone wants a snack.  Some of my go to snacks for the kids are almonds, which are a great source of protein, granola bars,  goldfish, and whatever fruit we have left. Because I am mom, I usually get what’s leftover that the kids don’t want. That’s why I love grabbing these Dannon Light & Fit for me!  

Since I am now 3 weeks postpartum I am looking for easy ways to grab a quick snack that good for me. Nursing takes a lot out of you and you need all of the protein you can get. The Dannon Light & Fit yogurt drinks are a great on the go snack when we’re in a hurry running out to gymnastics or 1 of our 100 doctors appointments that we seem to have. This nonfat yogurt drink has 9 grams of protein, 90 calories, 0 added sugar, and 0% fat.  Which is great since I can’t really do any physical activity since having my C-Section I can watch what I’m eating. You can find this portable 4 pack at your local Walmart.


And you really don’t want to miss out using the ibotta rebate that you can save some money!! What are some great snacks that you love to pack for you and your family?

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