Huge Changes + Life Update

I want to start this first with that fact that this is my TWO year blogiversary!

Can you believe I’ve had this blog of mine for 2 years now!!!! I can’t get over how fast the time has gone and how much I have had planned for this baby of mine.  I started it to have a place to share things I love and to give little life updates, kind of like the one you’re about to read.  I wanted to grow a community of people that enjoyed doing some of the same things I love and I can’t tell you how thankful I am for each and every one of you. I have had some amazing opportunities and have had some of my biggest supporters in the crazy endeavor I started.


I was scared shitless when I started this thing. I thought no one would read what I had to write or I would get someone that wouldn’t like it. I can’t tell you how wrong I was and how much I wish I would have started when I really wanted to, like 4+ years ago when I was pregnant with Kellan! So, I thought I would share my one tip and it doesn’t have to be just about blogging, it can be about anything in your life and that is to just start. It doesn’t matter how hard, scared, or nervous you are, you will NEVER regret starting. 


On to the big news



Yes you read that right, we are moving, to Colorado! If you don’t know, we live in Arizona right now and will be moving to Colorado very soon. Long story short, E is transferring with his job up there and will be starting work in the beginning of December. The kids and I are going to stay here in Arizona for a couple of month, I will be packing up our home, putting it on the market, and still running our Airbnb. 

This was a very tough decision to make but we had soooo many long talks about whether this was something we really wanted to do and we both agreed that, yes we know that it will be hard moving away from our friends and family, but now is the time to move with the boys being so young that they won’t really know what’s going on. 

We can’t wait for the change of pace and scenery that Colorado has to offer. Who knows, Es dream of me mountain biking might actually come true after being together for almost 7 years haha!
No promises though! 

If you have any insight or tips on moving a family or about Colorado, send them my way!
I’d love to learn a little more! 

Thank you all for your love and support!

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    November 1, 2018 at 3:13 pm
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