Kaizer Nash | 10 Month Update

Where the heck has another month gone! My baby is 10 freaking months old! We almost have ourselves a 1 year old and I seriously can’t take it! It’s crazy to think these are all of the last moments we’ll experience with a baby and I’m trying to soak it all in while I can. A very small part of me is getting that baby fever again and I have to tell myself to get real and mentally slap myself! 



18bs 8 oz

29 in

Sleeping Patterns: 
His sleeps all night long except when he’s been cutting these tag teeth! 

Eating Habits:
He still loves to eat! He is pretty much eating anything and everything he sees. 

New Foods: 
Kaizer is loving fruit. And he’s been eating a ton of meats! 

New Discoveries: 
How to get around with his own two feet! 

Kaizer is a WALKER!! He has been my earliest baby to walk at nine months! Everyone says he looks too little to be walking and it is so true! 

Places We’ve Been: 
We went to Phoenix and all of the boys went to their first baseball game! 

Special Memories:
We are having so many memories together that I can’t handle everything happening. I want to document every moment and keep all of these milestones forever. 



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