Kaizer Nash | 11 Month Update

My baby is 11 months old! Oh my gosh! It makes me want to cry just thinking about him being 1. I feel like it was just last week that Ethan and I were driving to the hospital getting ready to have him to then being surprised by a c-section with this wild child of mine. This has been one of the most tiring, trying, and BEST years of my life. Having 3 kids 3 and under is no joke but I’m glad to have these three little monkeys. So here is Kai’s 11 month update. 



18bs 9oz
Hasn’t changed much because he’s been basically running around the last month.

29 1/2in

Sleeping Patterns: 
Thankfully still sleeps all night long. 

Eating Habits:
He’s a porky pig. Eats all day.

New Foods: 
Pretty much anything at this point. He loves peanut butter sandwiches, apples, and crackers. 

New Discoveries: 
Kissing. He is the biggest kisser around! 

He high-fives, climbs on everything, loves doing summersaults, and fights with his brothers. 

Places We’ve Been: 
We went camping at Oak Creek Canyon and stopped in Flagstaff. 

Special Memories:
Is is one of the biggest pains in my butt butI still love his silly smile and big teeth.  



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