Kaizer Nash | 2 Month Update

I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween! I know we did! This was Kellans first year really understanding what trick or treating was and he loved running with the older boys to every house he could. Knox just liked walking up to the doors and saying twick o tweat. haha Now we have a ton of candy that I have to eat, dang it. Our little Kai turned 2 months old yesterday and needless to say everyone is still so in love with him. He’s been a great baby for the most part and just loves to snuggle. 


Weight: 11lbs 6oz

 Height: 21″

Sleeping Patterns: He’s been sleeping a lot longer at night. About 5-6 hours at one time.

Eating Habits: Nurses about every 3 hours. He’s been cluster feeding lately.

New Foods: Just breastfeeding still.

New Discoveries: He’s found his hands recently and keeps trying to eat them!

Accomplishments: Kaizer does great at tummy time and holding his head up. 

Places We’ve Been: His first trip out of town was out of town to Target and then we went to Prescott to go to Mortimers Farm. (You can see our pictures here if you missed it!)

Special Memories: We’ve just been having so much fun with him. He’s still a little lump but we like having him around.


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