Kaizer Nash | 3 Month Update

I could literally cry just thinking about my baby getting so big! The past three months has just flown by and I hate it! I’m so excited for him to be hitting all of these milestones and getting bigger but I’m so sad because I want to soak all of this in since he is my last baby. Christmas is in a few weeks and this year is a super exciting one. This is Knox’s first year of really understanding what Christmas is and Kaizer’s actual first Christmas. I can’t wait to experience this with all three of my babies!  November was a busy month for us and here our Kaizer’s stats!

Weight: 12lbs 9oz

 Height: 22″

Sleeping Patterns: He’s still been sleeping good a handful of days he slept through the whole night!!!

Eating Habits: Same, nurses about every 3 hours. He’s been cluster feeding lately.

New Foods: Just breastfeeding still.

New Discoveries: He likes to blow bubbles and is talking up a storm!

Accomplishments: Kaizer has been trying to sit up and he’s been laughing a lot more! 

Places We’ve Been: We went to Prescott for Thanksgiving. Stayed over night in Flagstaff and went to Las Vegas to pick up a friend!

Special Memories: He is just so cuddly and happy most of the time. I can’t get enough of him! 

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