Kaizer Nash | 7 Month Update


Why are these kids getting so big! Kai is seven months, Knox just turned two, and Kellan is about to turn 4 in a couple of short weeks!! My babies are getting bigger and I don’t know how to handle it.  It’s like a bitter sweet moment looking forward to your kids going to school but not wanting them to grow up…like ever!Kaizer is, in my opinion, at the cutest age! 6 month to about 12 months are the cutest and sweetest moments. They’re learning all of this new stuff but still want to be loved on my their mama! This year has been sneaking up on me and soon I’ll be planning his first birthday party! Also this month will be the first time leaving all of the kids at my parents house! Fingers crossed my mom survives it.

Weight: 15lbs 5 oz

 Height: 27 in

Sleeping Patterns: Sleeps most of the night now and wakes up maybe once or twice

Eating Habits: He’s still just mainly nursing. He eats food here and there but I think he’s really ready to start eating. He’s always trying to grab stuff out of our hands.

New Foods: Carrots, spaghetti squash, corn

New Discoveries: The outdoors! Now that it’s been getting nicer out, I’ve been letting him crawl around outside and he LOVES it!

Accomplishments: Kaizer is crawling everywhere and standing up with everything. If he can pull himself up on it he will!

Places We’ve Been: I don’t think we’ve been out of town anywhere recently besides Las Vegas.

Special Memories: He’s been making the cutest kissing sounds! I’m obsessed with it and he thinks it’s so funny when you do it back to him!

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