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When Knox was born, I was so excited to start our breastfeeding journey together. I told myself that this time around I was going to do better because I had already nursed a baby and learned what I could and couldn’t do. I thought I knew the ins and outs of breastfeeding so  I couldn’t wait to put it all to the test.  

This time, I’m not going to start off with a low supply from the beginning 

This time, I won’t wait a month to finally get a good latch

This time, I’m going to pump and have a stash so I can leave the house if I want


All of these things I had in mind because I struggled with them when I was nursing Kellan. As a parent you always want to do better for your kids. So this time I told myself, I’m going to do better. Well little did I know we had some different problems ahead of us. 

Knox began projectile vomiting all the time. He had a hard time keep food down. I really wanted to breastfeed so I had to start block feeding him. I pumped like clock work, every two hours. I had a crazy supply that could feed triplets!!! After taking him to the doctors and cutting everything out of my diet and trying different things his doctor recommended a probiotic. She thought he had some real stomach issues and that a probiotic would help heal his gut issue. Fast forward to now and we found out that he is dairy intolerant.

What I took away from my experience with Knox was to be proactive. Since we’ve had Kaizer we started using Evivo probiotic to help maintain a healthy gut from the very beginning. Evivo is the first and only probiotic that is clinically proven to restore a baby’s gut microbiome to its original, natural state.


Most American babies appear healthy – they are growing, gaining weight and hitting their developmental milestones, which leads us to believe they’ll grow into healthy kids, but then so many babies who appear healthy on the outside end up with metabolic and autoimmune issues later in life.

  • There are at least two children with food allergies in almost every kindergarten classroom (FARE)
  • Over one million children in the U.S. have type 1 diabetes (American Diabetes Association)
  • The rate of obesity doubles as children grow from toddlers to teens (CDC)
  • 9.6 million children under the age of 18 have eczema; of this total, 3.2 million children (33%) have moderate to severe cases (National Eczema Org)

If good gut bacteria are thriving before a baby is weaned from breast milk, they’re more likely to develop a healthy metabolism and immune system later in life. That’s why the first six months of life are critical.


Learning all of this and starting Kaizer off with Evivo from the start totally gives me peace of mind knowing we’re being proactive with him. Adding this probiotic to our daily routine we’re adding to our little babes over all health and that makes  me a happy mama.

Evivo is easy to use.
All you need to do is add one packet of Evivo to 3-5ml of breast milk.
Mix it around and feed to the baby with the syringe

To learn more about Evivo and why it’s important to maintain a healthy gut click here.

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