Knox’s Second Birthday Pizza Party And Two Year Update

As everyone must know by now, we’re taking the boys to Legoland California for their birthday this year. So instead of spending a lot of money on a huge birthday party we’re going to spend a week in San Diego. We still wanted to do a little something to celebrate the birth of our little Knox and we thought what better way then to have a little party around his favorite food….PIZZA! And he loved his pizza party.

If you know Knox, you know he absolutely LOVES pizza! Like loves loves it! So, Ethan thought it would be really awesome if we went to FOUR different pizza places to add some variety and have the best pizza party around! Yes, Ethan went a little extra on this but everyone seemed to enjoy it!


Thanks to my cousin we got a lot of photos and I got some video that I should be done editing by next week! So excited and glad we got to document this birthday! 

In case you missed it last week I post
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Here are Knox’s two year stats:


Weight: 21lbs 8oz

 Height: 33in

Sleeping Patterns: Kellan and Knox have been sleeping in the same bed now for about 3 months and it’s working out well. He sleeps all through the night with the occasional 2am wake up and climbing on top of us. 

Eating Habits: This boy seriously loves pizza and bread. He also loves cuties and grapes. And In N Out Burger is our jam! 

New Discoveries: He loves jumping off of EVERYTHING! 

Accomplishments: Knox speaks really well for only being two. He’s really good at picking up after himself and he’s rocking potty training right now!

Places We’ve Been: We’ve been to California, Nevada, and around Arizona

Special Memories: I just love watching him grow and learn new things. He surprises me with how much he knows.


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