Maternity Monday | 32 Week Bump Update

First and foremost, it’s very important I bring this to everyone attention!! Today is National Ice Cream Day! That is all! I can’t believe we’re coming into the tail end of this pregnancy. The thought of actually having a newborn all over again is getting me excited/extremely scared. I don’t know how I’m going to handle the newborn stage again with now two little ones.  Three kids three and under! Ahh! I’m screaming on the inside! It will be fine though. We still don’t have a name picked out…like not even a contending name. Kellan keeps asking us what we’re going to name this baby. He came up with crispy cheese last night. At the rate we’re going that might actually end up being his name. 



How far along: 32 going on 33 weeks! 

Gender: BOY! BOY! BOY!

Weight gain: 20lbs. I need to lay off the burritos! 

Maternity clothes: I’ve just been buying dresses left and right because I’m kind of refusing to purchase maternity clothes right now. 

Sleep: I’ve been sleeping pretty good. Still sooooo hot at night and during the day.  I have a big box fan next to my bed so it keeps me pretty cool at night time. 

Best moment this month: Seeing our boys talk about the new baby.

Worst moment this month: Finding out the doctor I’ve been seeing this entire pregnancy won’t be delivering me because she’s having a baby of her own. 

Miss anything: I just miss being comfortable in my own body.  The last trimester always takes it’s toll on your body.

Movement: He’s still moving around all the time. He’s kicking the laptop as I’m typing this. He must not like it resting on top of him. haha.

Cravings: Just ice cream and BBQ sauce..not at the same time.

Queasy or sick: Thankfully no!

Looking forward to: Meeting him! And hopefully picking out a name for him finally. We’ve got nothing so any suggestions are welcomed!


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