Maternity Monday | 38 Week Bump Update

Here I am..again. Giving another bump update. I definitely was thinking this baby would have made his way here by now but he’s still settled in. I’ve been having contractions but still nothing consistent. My last checkup my doctor said I had not changed from my 37 week appointment. So I am, 3 cm dilated and about 60% effaced. I have my 39 checkup on Thursday and my fingers and toes are crossed that if I haven’t had him yet that I have progressed quite a bit more. Everyone is waiting to meet this little guy! 


How far along: 38 Weeks! AKA too long!!

Gender: BOY! BOY! BOY!

Weight gain: 30lbs already! The most I’ve gained ever!

Maternity clothes: I haven’t boughten anything new

Sleep: My sleep is getting worse and worse. I think it’s just prepping me for the baby.

Best moment this month: Just spending time with the kids. 

Worst moment this month: Still being pregnant. haha does that count?  I thought this little guy would be here by now. 

Miss anything: Sleeping, not having heartburn, coffee, touching my toes, putting my pants on without getting out of breath…I could keep going.

Movement: He’s a mover!!

Cravings: Ice Cream! I can’t stop myself!

Queasy or sick: Thank goodness no!

Looking forward to: To finally meet him!! I feel like he is never going to come out. 


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  • Reply Lorena Barrios

    Can’t wait to meet him!!!

    August 30, 2017 at 2:11 am
    • Reply Hey Erin Nicole

      Me either! He’s been taking his sweet sweet time!!

      August 30, 2017 at 8:27 pm

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