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It’s crazy to think this pregnancy is coming to an end! The 10 week countdown has begun! I was talking to Ethan a few nights ago telling him I’m going through the nostalgic part of pregnancy. I went through this with Knox because, well I was certain he was going to be my last, and I started getting sad towards the end because I thought I would never feel another baby in my belly. I’m starting to feel that way again and trying to soak in all of the baby kicks, hiccups, and all the ice cream I can eat without feeling guilty!  Since I’m in the third and final trimester I thought I would make a list of things that got me through my second trimester.


A good nursing bra is a must, especially if you’re deciding to nurse your baby you’ll need one eventually. I found these nursing bras when I was pregnant with Kellan. They are my absolute favorite because it doesn’t have a wire. I made the mistake of buying an underwire nursing bra and it is just so painful. I found these ones and have never looked back. I have 4 of them. I like to wear them now because everything is growing and these are SUPER comfortable. 

I don’t have a specific pillow to get but any supportive pillow is a must. I’ve made the mistake while we’ve been out of town and not brought my pillow and I just can’t sleep good enough. I like a firm pillow that supports my belly! Here are a few that I’ve found that people like here, here, and here.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter is a must have.  I literally don’t want to jinx myself but I haven’t gotten any stretch marks with any of my three pregnancies. I start using this lotion combo once I hit the second trimester because that’s when you really start stretching out as baby grows. I use the Palmer’s lotion after showers and before bed and in the morning I like to use Bio Oil and let it soak in before you get dressed. 

As baby starts getting bigger your organs get less and less space and heartburn and indigestion come into full swing. My parents always swear by drinking Pellegrino Water to relieve indigestion and it totally works. Something about the carbonation helps relieve that heartburn!


Comfortable clothes is a must at this point. Belly is getting bigger and depending on where your baby sits, I’m sure a lot your non maternity bottoms aren’t fitting. When I was pregnant with my other two boys I loved wearing leggings and yoga pants but those pregnancies were during the winter. This pregnancy is WAY too hot for those clothes so I’ve pretty much been living in dresses. I got a couple for my birthday a couple weeks ago and I am loving how flowy and loose they are. Here is one I got from PinkBlush that I can’t get enough of! 


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