Maternity Monday | Week 29 Bump Update

If you didn’t notice I took the last two weeks off from blogging. 1.) this third trimester with two little ones is kicking my butt,  I’ve been so tired! 2.) It’s been so nice resting and taking a break with the kiddos. Yesterday I didn’t get this up because we spent the weekend in Las Vegas for Fathers Day and my birthday!! We were traveling home yesterday. We had so much fun hanging and relaxing by the pool. The boys are total water babies! And who would have thought in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip you could see tigers, leopards, and dolphins!? We stopped at the Siegfried and Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat, you should definitely go check it out if you’re looking for something to do! (Just don’t go in the middle of summer because it was so unbelievably hot!!



How far along: 29 weeks. 30 tomorrow!!!

Gender: BOY!

Weight gain: 15lbs

Maternity clothes: I’m trying not to buy any but my two pairs of shorts aren’t cutting it!!

Sleep: Baby boy keeps kicking me in all hours of the night!!

Best moment this month: Seeing both of my boys kiss my belly! Kellan and Knox love kissing their brother!

Worst moment this month: Haven’t had a bad moment so far this month.

Miss anything: I miss my clothes fitting me! It’s been hot and everything feels too tight! #summerpregnancyproblems

Movement: He’s an active little guy! My belly is always moving!

Cravings: I’ve been wanting lots of ice  cream! 

Queasy or sick: Thankfully no!

Looking forward to: Spending these last few weeks as a family of four!

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