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I can’t believe summer is finally here! I’m so excited to be out of the cold weather and into the warm sun. We’ve got so much planned and places we’re going, I can’t wait to get the summer started! I pulled out and found a lot of items that I love to use with the warm weather that look great in the summer time.




I am literally obsessed with this Physicians Formula Bronzer!! I bought it a couple months ago with no real expectation of how it would work and I use it EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. The color is just so beautiful and looks so natural and the smells like coconut or if you were on some tropical beach, which hey, who wouldn’t love that! And of course the drug store price doesn’t hurt at all!

I’ve seen so many reviews on these Cover FX Custom Drops and I never really understood what the purpose was for them and why everyone loved them so much. It took me playing around with them a few times to really get it.  These are awesome because, like the name states they are custom drops. You can customize them for whatever type of coverage you are looking for. I really like mixing them with the Becca Primer (mentioned below) for a little coverage that adds a little sheen. You can add them to your favorite moisturizer, foundation, or even oil that you like to use. I have been getting a great use out of these and love the color range that they offer!

ColourPop is one of my all time favorites for affordable makeup! They are so inexpensive and the quality is great. One of their products that I can’t put down is the ColourPop Blush/Highlighter Duo. The colors are so beautiful and the products feels so buttery and soft!

I’ve had some of these lipsticks for about a year now but the colors I got felt so summery that I love bringing them back out and using them. The Milani Matte Color Statement Lipstick  so silky and beautiful! I absolutely love the colors and love how they keep my lips hydrated. T

I love glowy skin in the summer because it just looks so beautiful and sun kissed! Becca Backlight Fliter Face Primer is one of my favs that I will be using all summer long! Like I mentioned up top, I love adding the customs drops to this for a sheer glow. I also like adding it to a foundation or tinted moisturizer.


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