Packing A Diaper Bag For 3 Kids

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I am still packing a diaper bag for all of the kids. We are almost 100% done with diapers! WOOHOO!! If you could see me right now I have the biggest smile on my face! I never thought I would get to this point in my life but they day has finally come! We haven’t been in diapers since the beginning of June but during nighttime Kai is still wearing one just as a precaution. 




Since I’m still towing kids around I still have a bag packed with essentials to get us by in everyday life. I shared about a year ago my diaper bag I was using at the time and if I’m honest have still been using up to this point was my Lily Jade Meaggan bag. I am so obsessed with the quality of these bags, I wish I had every bag in all of the colors! Lily Jade bags are built to last. They tuck in the leather on our handles, straps, and pocket edges so that you don’t have edge paint that will wear and crack over time. They reinforce stitching at critical points to each bag so they will last through the baby years or even as a carryon bag, that I have used multiple times now!

I am OBSESSED with this Rosie bag! I love the shape and the grey goes with everything! I truly feel that there is absolutely no better handbag investment than a Lily Jade! They put quality first to give you more value for every dollar than any other brand. I’ve had bags that haven’t held up as well at this one and I can honestly say that my bag has taken a beating with three little boys. Also a perk is the removable carrier that is machine washable. It has quite a few compartments that I like for the boys and we’ve had a few spills so being able to just throw it in the wash is huge! 


I always get asked what we carry around in our bag if we’re not carrying diapers so I thought I would share today what we bring with us on a day out. 



My oldest son, Kellan,  is 5. He just started Kindergarten a few weeks ago and he doesn’t require much now that he’s five but I do like to have one compartment for him. I always keep an extra pair of socks for him. It might sound strange but he likes to ride bikes and he likes to wear the tall socks. 

My middle son, Knox, is 3. Again, Knox doesn’t really need much. He’s my guy that loves to color. I usually keep a pack of crayons with me. I’ve learned to keep the in a ziplock. Since we lived in Arizona, I’ve learned my lesson about having crayons in hot cars. Not fun to clean up! If we do have it available I do like to carry chalk too. You just never know where you’ll end up.  I have his sunglasses and a hat just in case. 

And my youngest, Kaizer, will officially be 2 on Saturday. Since he’s the only one that I really need to carry stuff around for. Like I said we’re about done with potty training, but with that we still do have accidents and I need to keep two spare underwear and a pair of shorts.

I’ve learned to keep grocery bags in my bag too! Things you never think of but once they make a mess in their pants where do you put it?  We keep 2-3 in my bag for a just in case situation. I can say that I’ve only had to use about 3 bags since we started but it was perfect.
Wipes are must. Sunscreen. Lip gloss/chapstick. My wallet. Essential oils. And of course, a snack pocket! 

What are your top 3 items you keep in your diaper bag!?


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    Of course snacks! Spare pants/undies for all. And my hydro flask!

    August 28, 2019 at 3:21 am
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