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    How Our Airbnb Has Financial Flexiblity Using Paypal cash in and cash out services

    Thank you PayPal and Walmart for sponsoring this post. Introducing PayPal cash in and cash out money services, the financial services alternative which allows you to manage your cash flow on your own terms!

    The past 3 months have been a crazy whirlwind with this Airbnb. We started it not knowing how it would do, whether we would get any bookings or if this would be lucrative in anyway. If I’m completely honest, I had very low expectations. I told Ethan before we listed it to give it two months before we completely wrote it off. He was a little hesitant because we weren’t sure what would come of it.  I was secretly hoping we would at least make $200! Because we live in a smaller town and never thought we would have anyone that would really stay with us. Boy was I wrong!!  This has turned into the perfect side hustle for me.   This has been one way we were able to expand our financial freedom!


    Having a non-traditional job had definitely been different for me. One thing that has been so beneficial is how easy using PayPal cash in and cash out money services at Walmart stores. We get paid after each guest stay and I can run to our local Walmart to take cash out from our PayPal account. What I love most is that we can basically find a Walmart anywhere so it gives us peace of mind because of how reliable it is. 

    A little about how PayPal cash in and cash out works is, you have access to your PayPal balance at any cash register, Walmart service desk or ATM at any US Walmart. You can easily put cash in and take cash out when needed. If you have a PayPal Mastercard, you can easily make purchases or pay bills online anywhere Mastercards are accepted.  I place a lot of online orders securely using out PayPal Mastercard.

    I don’t know if it’s luck but we have been consistantly busy since we’ve started. This has been a great way for me to stay home and make money. Our Airbnb has been so fun to run and we’ve met so many people from all of the world!  This has truly been a great venture for us and we can’t wait to try something like this out in Colorado. 


    You can learn more about PayPal cash in and cash out services today!

    I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.