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    June Beauty Favorites 2017

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    Half of the year is gone! Holy Cow!!! Well I must say I love summer beauty routines because it’s so hot that you need an easy routine and not much goes into getting ready. Fast and easy makeup is my favorite. Especially when you have a bajillion kids who really has time to get glam ready in the morning? (Not me!) Read more


    Maternity Monday | PinkBlush Summer Dress

    *This post is sponsored by PinkBlush but as always all thoughts are my own.


    I hope everyone had a great weekend!
    I know I did with my little mom getaway. 

    I just got this cute little number in the mail last week and couldn’t wait to wear it! If you’ve never heard of PinkBlush, girl you’re missing out! They carry the latest fashion in womens and maternity wear and all kinds of awesome accessories Read more


    Last Minute Mothers Day Gift Guide

    I remember my first Mothers Day. I mean it was only 4 years ago but still, it was something I was super excited to celebrate. It was like a joined this awesome new club and because I was the newest member everyone wanted to make it very special for me! Kellan was almost 1 month old and I was still in my insomniac state. The absolute best gift I got was a NAP! No joke! When you become a parent for the first time you never realized how tired you weren’t before kids.

    So, this year I wanted to come up with a gift guide to get that special mother in your life even though you waited until the last minute to get her anything! Ethan, I hope you’re reading this!!!  I hope you find some inspiration and let me know in the comments what’s the best Mothers Day gift you’ve ever received or have given someone!

    For obvious reasons, gift cards are always super easy and really practical to give to anyone. But what’s fun is to spice it up and add some of moms favorite things she can use with it. Find a coffee mug you know mom will love, place the gift card inside with a little something extra. You can do a theme like nail polish, nail file, and foot scrub or even Starbucks coffee set is always a good choice too! 




    Because of the price of this gift, this is for the coffee obsessed mom! This espresso maker is everything and totally worth the price! The Brevill Barista Express Espresso Maker this is available at your local Bed Bath and Beyond and don’t forget to use your 20% coupon when signing up for their email offers to save you some moola on this gift! After we got our I swear we never went out and got coffee. This thing is a beast and something I’m so glad we got! 





    If you live in a bigger city than I do, this product will be easy to find at most makeup department areas or in your local Sephora. The Clarisonic Facial Cleansing device works wonders to remove dirt and makeup.  This is the complete package but you can also purchase just the brush separately. Moms love to pamper themselves but hate to cost of buying items like this. 



    This Polaroid Camera is so fun. Growing up I loved taking pictures on our polaroid camera because the pictures came instantly! I was so excited when they brought this back and made them so cute. These are available for pick up at your local Target. 



    A spa pamper basket is always a go-to when finding a gift for mom. Head to your local Walmart or Target find decent sized basket that she can reuse and some colorful tissue paper. Fill the bottom of the basket with the tissue paper to add some volume. What you’ll need to fill the basket up is up to you but here is a list of things that go together well and aren’t crazy expensive. 

    Any candle

    Face Masks ( I would pick at least 2-3)

    Foot Scrubber 

    Foot exfoliant 

    Nail Polish (my favorite fast drying nail polish)



    This is an easy one that any mom would love when all else fails. A picture frame with either her and the kids or of the entire family! You can never go wrong with finding your favorite picture of her and making it a little personalized.


    Now if you really want to get her something personalized but we know it’s way too late for it to be here on time, getting a picture of it and taping it on the inside of a card so they can see what they’re getting is a win for everyone. They know you didn’t forget to get them something and even though you waited to the last minute they still feel appreciated. These stamped pieces of jewelry are so beautiful from B Stamped








    So You’re Ready To Potty Train

    To some parents the thought of potty training is a nightmare they’re not ready to face and to others they are excited and ready to start their potty training journey together.  For me, I was the first one.  When I tell people that I had Kellan day and night potty trained before he was 2 some didn’t believe it. Kellan had just passed the 1 1/2 year mark and we were going on 20 months. I finally said January 1st that I needed to get my butt in gear and get this potty training thing going because baby #2 was going to be here mid March and I didn’t have the time to waste.



    So like the mom I am, I hit Pinterest pretty hard trying to find out tips and tricks to potty training. I always seemed to come across the, “Potty train your kid in 3 days” or “Have them potty trained over the weekend.” Well I am calling a big BS on that! Maybe it does work more for older kids, I’m not sure, but it definitely didn’t work for us. It took a whole month for me to get him mostly day potty trained. Nap and night potty training didn’t come until the next month.




    So I came up with a little guide of things that worked for us. Some things I found online and others we figured out along the way. If you’re getting ready or already potty training or maybe need a different tactic hopefully these will help.


    • Have LOTS of underwear on hand. I would say no less than 10 pairs. I remember we went through 7 pairs of underwear in one day!  Which leads me into my next one..
    • Be ready to wash a lot of stuff. We potty trained in the winter so we just bought extra pants.
    • Sweatpants or stretchy pants work best. They were easy to change and the band was easy to pull up and down when we needed to hit the bathroom fast. Jeans can be a pain sometimes.
    • Personally I didn’t want to clean out a little potty (poop just grosses me out) so we bought a new seat from Home Depot that has a detachable little seat that is magnetic to the lid. You can find it here. I love this thing. I found this to be easier for him to use the bathroom outside of the home too.
    • Speaking of cleaning..when they have their accidents, which they will, we bought kid and pet spray to clean up with. We have carpet in the bedrooms so it helped clean up the mess. We bought it here.
    • We did treats for going in the potty. 1 chocolate chip for going pee and 2 chocolate chips for going poop. I noticed he started to pee a lot more to get more chocolate chips. Whatever works though right!
    • CONSISTANCY IS KEY! That is a huge one. When you start you need to commit because doing it one day and not the next and starting again in a couple of days will confuse them. I tried this a couple of times before I fully committed and he would get frustrated when he’d pee his pants because he thought he had a diaper on and it was just a mess for both of us!
    • Go easy on yourself. Like I said it took us a month to get him potty trained with little to no accidents during the day. It can be so frustrating at times because some days they will be so good and go to the bathroom in the toilet/potty and the next they forget that they knew how.
    • Always have wine on hand. No seriously, for the days that things didn’t go well it can be frustrating and a good glass of wine will help you least until tomorrow. I didn’t get to participate in it but for the next one I will!


    I hoped you found some of this helpful! We’re going to be doing the same thing here soon with our little Knox. Have you potty trained before? What are something you found helpful or worked for you? Remember stay strong mama



    Toddler Update

    My little Kellan is 2 1/2 years old. Where the time went I seriously have no idea.  I feel like I was just pregnant with him and here he is growing into this little person that I love. He has his own thoughts, ideas, and an imagination I would die to have. I have some questions I asked him. I’m not sure if he’ll understand but we’ll see what he comes up with.


    What is your favorite color?

    Kellan: “I no favorite color”

    How old are you?

    Kellan: “2”


    When is your birthday?

    Kellan: “It’s not my birthday. My Birthday in April.”

    What is baby brothers name?

    Kellan: “His name two”


    What is your favorite toy to play with?

    Kellan: No comment

    Who is your best friend?

    Kellan: “No, you me best friend.”


    Do you have any pets?

    Kellan: “Doggy name Illy”

    What’s your favorite food?

    Kellan: “Eggs”

    That actually went a whole lot better than I had thought it would! I had to stop him from playing so I think he was a little distracted but he did good. I’m excited to ask him these questions again when he turns 3 to see how these answers have changed. Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed and learned a little more about my toddler.