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    October Favorites

    I hope everyone had an awesome October! This has been the first month that we haven’t had much to do. This summer was crazy for us! From May to October I think we were only home a handful of weekends for that whole 5 month span. Time for us to take a break and relax before the big holidays come up. So, I came up with a list of some of my favorite products that I’ve been using for the month.

    First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream Intense Hydration


    First up is this First Aid Beauty the Ultra Repair Cream. This stuff is no joke! Since the weather is changing from Summer to Fall I needed some serious moisturizer. It brings so much moisture to  your skin you barely need any. This jar will last you for a long time! I like to switch my moisturizers up and I recently brought this one back. I especially love to use this one at night so when I wake up my face feels super hydrated.

    Living Proof Dry Shampoo


    I am obsessed with dry shampoo. Sometimes I just don’t feel like washing my hair or I’m just in a hurry and don’t get a chance to and need to run out the door real quick. This dry shampoo is one of my favorites! Is it weird I like the way this one smells!? I have tried a handful of different dry shampoos and this is one of my top ones that I like to come back to.

    No7 Stay Perfect Foundation


    This foundation is the! No, but in all honesty I have an addiction to buying foundation. I feel like you have different types of foundation. Are you going out for the night, boom full coverage. Are you going on a date? Medium coverage to the rescue. So you can’t just own one! Well Sephora and I both know I love the expensive kind but it gets pricey buying $40-$60 foundation every time. I found this one at Walgreens and thought it can’t hurt to try it for $15. I was hooked the moment I bought it. It sits on your face so nicely and actually has a good color selection to chose from.

    Lush Bath Bomb


    I have recently been getting back in the bath scene. I feel like it’s so relaxing and mentally soothing. I leave the electronics out and put on some Explosions In The Sky and throw in some awesome bath bombs. This Lush Sakura bath bomb smells amazing. It is definitely one of my favorite scents from Lush! If you end up loving the bath bomb it also comes in two different types of shower scrubs too!

    Burts Bee Lipstick


    Burts Bees lipstick is so moisturizing and I love that it’s natural and not tested on animals. It has some beautiful colors but one of my favorites is the Lily Lake color. I find sometimes that I love the matte lip look but it ends up being so drying on my lips. This lipstick is nice to have in my collection.

    Farmacy New Day Gentle Exfoliating Grains


    Now Farmacy New Day Exfoliant is the coolest thing ever.  I read some reviews on it and finally decided to jump on board and try it out. It was crazy the first time I used it. It’s a powder!!! You pour some in the palm of your hand and add a little water and rub together to create some sort of paste. It is the softest scrub I have used on my face. It is plant based with white willow bark, carrot, green tea, and marshmallow to soothe, protect, and calm the skin. This is the first package I bought to test out the product before I fully committed to the big bottles. I have never regretted trying it and this is always going to be a staple in my skin care routine.

    That is all for my October Favorites and  I hope you guys enjoyed. Let me know what some of your favorites were for the month of October. Thanks for stopping by!