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    Easiest Teacher Gift EVER

    This year for a teacher gift I wasn’t too sure what we wanted to do. We’re stuck in a strange place because, you want to do something that is thoughtful but if you don’t really know someone, so how do you know what to get them? I also feel like I want to be practical in giving gifts and not pick something out that will never be used or ultimately end up in the garbage. 

    So this Facebook group I’m in did a poll on teachers asking, what is it you really want for Christmas if you were to get a gift from your students and their families? The NUMBER ONE gift request was…GIFT CARDS. I would also like to add that they said personal cards and letters were ULITMATE NUMBER ONE, buuuuuut if you wanted to buy something a gift card was ideal. They said a big no on mugs, homemade food, and nick knacks of any sort.  Of course any gift is appreciated but if you think about it teachers that have been teacher for 5 or more years add twenty plus students you’re bound to get a few mugs every year and those things take up a lot of space. 

    With all of this in mind, I knew this year I wanted to do a gift card of some sort but wasn’t sure how I wanted to display it. I went to target one day and saw these cute little trees for only $5! I thought the nice part of getting these were that they could be used again and again whether at home or in their classroom for next year. 


    Kellan has his teacher and a teacher aid. So I set a budget on what I want to spend for this teacher. The nice part about this gift is that it is SUPER customizable and so easy to change up for person to person. If one teacher likes Target and one likes walmart, well there you go, everyone can get what they want!

    I didn’t want to just have gift cards on there so when we made these little salt dough ornaments a couple of weeks ago at a friends house I thought it would be a nice personal touch to have Kellan decorate them to personalize his gift for them. 

    The nice part is if you’re waiting until the last minute to do these the trees will probably already be on sale!! SCORE! 

    You’ll need a small tree. (I got these from Target for $5 but I’m sure Walmart has similar ones)
    Gift cards in any assortment
    Any added decor you’d like to personalize your gift

    Some of my gift cards didn’t have little hooks so I used twine and hot glue to make my own little ribbons. Just make sure you don’t glue the numbers of the card so they still have access to them if they need it. 

    Also, don’t break the salt dough ornaments if you can. haha

     That’s it! You can spend as little or as much as you’d like! 

    I hope you guys got some inspiration from this extremely easy teacher gift! 
    If you did I would love for you to tag or send me photos of yours.

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    Easy Teacher Gift Idea

    This is the first year that we will be buying teacher gifts and I am so excited with how ours turned out! I wasn’t trying to spend a fortune but I wanted to give functional and realistic gifts that not everyone would be giving.  I decided on a basket filled with goodies. Kellan has his teacher and a teachers assistant. So we doubled up on our gifts.  After purchasing our mugs for our teachers it was brought to my attention that mugs are a no-no gift because all parents every year want to give a mug gift. If you decide you want to there is nothing wrong with that but try and add a little something else.

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