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I seriously can’t believe that Kaizer is NINE months old! I feel like he’s still my tiny little newborn and as I was looking at old photos on my phone I realized he’s not a teeny tiny baby anymore. I was chatting with one of my friends that’s getting ready to have a baby and thought, I should make a list of things I packed in my diaper bag. Packing a diaper bag after having a baby sometimes you forget basic essentials that you need to have on hand. Not just for baby but for YOU mama! I like to have a little pouch of essential items I always carry with me as a just in case.  These are my top 5 items to carry  for myself postpartum


  1. Breast Pads– You NEVER know when you’re going to start leaking. Just the scent of a baby can get your milk going! I know for me in the first few weeks postpartum is when I really use these bad boys the most! They definitely save me the embarrassment of leaking through my shirt. I always had a handful of breast pads as a just in case. 
  2. Tinted Lip Balm– This is my favorite one to use. It just makes me feel like I did a little something even when I know I didn’t and I’m too tired to get ready. If you don’t know by now I love makeup but I am definitely not one to do it So having quick little things to help me feel like I did a little effort is a plus in my book!
  3. Always Radiant Pads- You never know when your period is going to strike and it’s reassuring to have these on hand. Always has been a brand I’ve trusted and used with all three of my boys for immediate postpartum needs and even once my body has regulated. The  Always Radiant line is  no different. Always Radiant pads are up to 100% leak- and odor-free. These pads give you up to 10 hours of protection. Using the Size Selector Tool, you can easily find the right-sized pad for your unique monthly cycle.  You can pick up a package of Always Radiant at your local Walmart. Visit for more information
  4. Travel Size Dry Shampoo– ‘Nuff said! 
  5. Any Snack– Granola bars are so easy but any snack would do. I like the granola because it helps boost your milk supply and seriously who doesn’t love chocolate?  I buy the little pre-made trail mix, crackers, and little fruit bars are my favorite to carry around. I get HANGRY when I don’t eat! haha.



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