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July 2018

    Kaizer Nash | 10 Month Update

    Where the heck has another month gone! My baby is 10 freaking months old! We almost have ourselves a 1 year old and I seriously can’t take it! It’s crazy to think these are all of the last moments we’ll experience with a baby and I’m trying to soak it all in while I can. A very small part of me is getting that baby fever again and I have to tell myself to get real and mentally slap myself! 

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    Easiest Beauty Trick To Save You Time In The Morning

    I am seriously all for  easy beauty tricks to save time in the morning. Some days I feel like getting completely ready, you know, the full hair and makeup done and other days I look like I was struck by lightening still wearing my pajamas from two days ago with spit up on me.
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    What’s Inside Legoland Discovery Center Phoenix

    This post is sponsored by LEGOLAND Discovery Center but all thoughts and opinions are my own.  

    We went to Phoenix last week to spend the 4th down there and we had so much! We got tickets to go to the LEGOLAND Discovery Center and the Sea Life Aquarium. The kids loved both places!  Because Kellan calls himself the “Master Builder” he can’t stop talking about going back to the LEGOLAND Discovery Center. Read more


    My Top 5 Traveling Summer Essentials

    This post is sponsored by Degree Women but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.


    We packed up our bags and went to Phoenix and man was it HOT! We enjoyed a fun trip to LEGOLAND Discovery Center and a Diamondbacks game with an awesome firework show that we barely got to see haha and lots of laughs and fun by the pool. Since Summer has officially began as of last week I thought I would share my top 5 essentials to travel with to get me through summer! All of these items came with me on our trip. 


    1. Deodorant- Of course having a good deodorant is a must when traveling during the summer. Degree Women Dry Spary has easily become on of my favorite deodorants to use. It helps prevent white marks on black and yellow stains on white. You can pick up Degree Women Dry Spray at your local Walmart. 
    2. A tinted moisturizer- This is a must that goes with my everywhere when I travel! It’s perfect when you’re sitting next to a pool or out in the heat. It has a good SPF and gives me an even skin tone.
    3. Insta Dry Nail Polish – If i’m not using my gel manicure set I got for my birthday from my sweet sister-in-laws then I love using this fast drying nail polish. It’s super easy to apply and dries to fast so I can easily chase after my little babes without having to worry about it smudging. 
    4. Face Sunscreen- I seriously love this Super Goop sunscreen. It goes over your make and keeps everything looking fresh. So if you’re in a hot climate area this is a must have! 
    5. Matte Lip- This Too Faced Matte lipstick DOES NOT MOVE! I was kissing all over the baby and it did not come off! I love that I can just throw this in my bag if I need to reapply or touch up spots. 

    What are some of your favorite items to travel with?