6 Week C-Section Postpartum Update

How I’m Feeling: 

I’m actually feeling really good! Besides the slight incision pain I’m starting to feel like myself again. I’m slowly getting into bending and picking things up. 

What The Doctor Said:

 I had my checkup the other day and I let the doctor know that my right side had some pain when wearing my underwear and any bottoms I had on. Come to find out my incision healed around a staple so he had to remove it. Other than that he said I was fine.

Current Weight: 

I currently weigh 143. (AHH, did I just put my weight on the internet for everyone to see!?) My pre pregnancy weight was 136 and I gained 30 lbs with this pregnancy. So that means, I’ve lost 23lbs total. I would actually like to get down to my pre pregnancy weight with Kellan which was 125, and that leads me to exercise.

Diet & Exercise:

 My diet consists of whatever I want to eat right now. Breastfeeding takes a lot from you so I’m trying to get the most healthy calories I can with my occasional fudge craving!  Exercise so far is nonexistent besides the family walks we take every once in awhile. Now that I got the clear from my doctor I am going to start doing yoga just to get back into something because I really want to start focusing on eating healthier and regular exercise with the kids. 

Breastfeeding Journey: 

This time we are going strong. He doesn’t have a good latch but he’s getting plenty of milk and getting really big! I looked it up because I was concerned he was sucking in a lot of air and thought about going to see a lactation consultant but they said that if he’s gaining weight and I’m not in pain then we’re fine! 

Kaizer Update: 

My little chubby butt is weighing about 10lbs. He is the cutest thing and I could eat him up. He’s really trying to hold his head up and doesn’t really do much more than eat, sleep, and poop a lot. 

Favorite Postpartum Clothing Items: 

So since I had a c-section this time around I really didn’t know what to expect. I had this incredibly sweet and generous mama message me one day. I was a little surprised when she asked for my address and after I gave it to her she sent me a pair of leggings.  She told me that she knows what it’s like having a c-section, since she had one herself, and wanted me to be comfortable. It was so unexpected and the sweetest thing! If you’re interested in getting a pair of your own you can find her on Facebook here!  

Favorite Postpartum Item: 

I would have to say my Bellefit girdle. It really helped me feel more confident after my c-section and held me in tight. If you didn’t get a chance to read my review on it you can here and if you’re looking at getting your own you can use this code to get $20 off of yours. PROMO CODE: D7YU

Favorite Baby Item: 

Ya know, we haven’t really used that much for the baby this time around. This little guy likes to be swaddled and I kept these swaddlers that I had gotten when I was pregnant with Kellan and I love them this time. They are so easy to use with the velcro. This is the pack that we got.

Advice For Postpartum Moms: 

The biggest thing I would suggest is take help when you can get it. For me, it’s always hard to accept help but this time around anyone that offers I’m taking you up! I wish we would have meal prepped a little before hand but it’s not the end of the world because we didn’t. And remember mama, you need to take care of YOU!  Sleep as much as possible, when someone offers to hold the baby so you can shower, RUN, and don’t forget to eat to help fuel your body!


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