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    Best Dry Skin Must Haves

    Dry anything is horrible to have. But sometimes it feels like you can’t ever get rid of it. Winter is the worst time for me because my skin gets dry, when I wash my face it feels tight, and my scalp is dry and flakey. I’ve been testing some of these products for years and some for a few weeks. So I wanted to share some of the best products I’ve used to help with all of the dry.  Read more


    Best Fall Lipsticks

    I love fall not only because of the cooler weather and sweaters but because you can wear all of the dark vampy lipsticks around! My favorite colors to wear are the very subtle oranges, deep reds, and the purples. When I volunteered at Kellans school the other day I was wearing this darker purple lip and this little 4 year old girl told me she LOVED my purple lipstick!! So there you have it folks purple lips are toddler approved!

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    Easiest Beauty Trick To Save You Time In The Morning

    I am seriously all for  easy beauty tricks to save time in the morning. Some days I feel like getting completely ready, you know, the full hair and makeup done and other days I look like I was struck by lightening still wearing my pajamas from two days ago with spit up on me.
    It’s called balance, right!?  Read more


    What’s In My Travel Beauty Bag

    So I posted the other day on my Instagram Stories about what I like to use all of my beauty samples for. In case you missed it, I save ALLLLLL of my beauty and makeup samples I get in a ziplock bag and when I travel somewhere, I like to pack those with me! It saves space in my bag and a lot of it is high end face Read more


    Sephora VIB Sale

    It’s that time of year again! Sephora is having their semi annual VIB Sale! Today starts the VIB ROUGE sale and lets be real, who here really is a ROUGE member!? Any who, they’re having an awesome sale that only happens twice a year. That’s right! They’re offering 15% off to the VIB ROUGE and VIB accounts and 10% if you have a Beauty Insider account! Read more


    Valentines Day Makeup Look

    This Valentines Day Makeup look is long overdue! This is the THIRD video I filmed for it! But I have to say I do like the way this one came out way better then the other two.  I thought I would do a super easy look for the mom that doesn’t have a ton of time to get ready to go on a date or if you just are not into to very dramatic makeup looks. I love the bold lip because it just adds a pop of color and if you go with black outfits it will guarantee to go with any look you have. I will have all of the items I used listed below and a couple of the dupes I mentioned in the video. 






    Easy Holiday Makeup Tutorial | Hey Erin Nicole

    I’m so excited to post this but a little nervous! I had a lot of awesome feedback about my makeup that I did for our Christmas pictures. If you haven’t seen them and don’t know what the heck I’m talking about you can go check them out right here.  So I filmed my very first makeup tutorial!  If you’re interested in learning how I did my makeup click the video below and if you’re looking for what items I used I have them all linked below!  Read more