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    DIY Board and Batton

    Wow! It has been a LOOOOONG time since I’ve posted anything, and I thought a DIY board and batton wall was the way to come back! Let me just start off by saying…I had no idea what I was doing. Crazy thing to say when posting how I did this but the truth is I had no clue and all of the information I’m about to share is just what worked for me and my capabilities. If I was more confident in cutting wood and using the miter saw I might have done cleaner edges.  With all of that being said, here is how I did my board and batton wall for the boys playroom.  Read more


    Easiest Teacher Gift EVER

    This year for a teacher gift I wasn’t too sure what we wanted to do. We’re stuck in a strange place because, you want to do something that is thoughtful but if you don’t really know someone, so how do you know what to get them? I also feel like I want to be practical in giving gifts and not pick something out that will never be used or ultimately end up in the garbage. 

    So this Facebook group I’m in did a poll on teachers asking, what is it you really want for Christmas if you were to get a gift from your students and their families? The NUMBER ONE gift request was…GIFT CARDS. I would also like to add that they said personal cards and letters were ULITMATE NUMBER ONE, buuuuuut if you wanted to buy something a gift card was ideal. They said a big no on mugs, homemade food, and nick knacks of any sort.  Of course any gift is appreciated but if you think about it teachers that have been teacher for 5 or more years add twenty plus students you’re bound to get a few mugs every year and those things take up a lot of space. 

    With all of this in mind, I knew this year I wanted to do a gift card of some sort but wasn’t sure how I wanted to display it. I went to target one day and saw these cute little trees for only $5! I thought the nice part of getting these were that they could be used again and again whether at home or in their classroom for next year. 


    Kellan has his teacher and a teacher aid. So I set a budget on what I want to spend for this teacher. The nice part about this gift is that it is SUPER customizable and so easy to change up for person to person. If one teacher likes Target and one likes walmart, well there you go, everyone can get what they want!

    I didn’t want to just have gift cards on there so when we made these little salt dough ornaments a couple of weeks ago at a friends house I thought it would be a nice personal touch to have Kellan decorate them to personalize his gift for them. 

    The nice part is if you’re waiting until the last minute to do these the trees will probably already be on sale!! SCORE! 

    You’ll need a small tree. (I got these from Target for $5 but I’m sure Walmart has similar ones)
    Gift cards in any assortment
    Any added decor you’d like to personalize your gift

    Some of my gift cards didn’t have little hooks so I used twine and hot glue to make my own little ribbons. Just make sure you don’t glue the numbers of the card so they still have access to them if they need it. 

    Also, don’t break the salt dough ornaments if you can. haha

     That’s it! You can spend as little or as much as you’d like! 

    I hope you guys got some inspiration from this extremely easy teacher gift! 
    If you did I would love for you to tag or send me photos of yours.

    You can find me on instagram @ebrooks



    DIY Blanket Ladder Under $5

    I’ve been wanting a blanket ladder for the last year. I just haven’t been able to pull the trigger on spending $50-$250 on one. Yikes! So, I figured if I could make a headboard I should be able to build a ladder, right!? I looked all over the internet at what type and what would be easiest one to make. I initially wanted to do one with dowels but I didn’t know how easily the nails would go into the dowels without splitting the wood. 


    What you’ll need

    2 | 6ft 2×4
    5 | 18″ 2×2
    10 | 3″ nails


    Wood Stain
    Spray Paint
    Sand Paper



    First let me tell you that, Home Depot has scrap wood that might be warped or damaged in some way. This is where I found all of the 2×2 wood that they carried. The wood was 70% off! I only needed one piece cut up into 5 pieces so it worked out great!  I got my 5 2×2 piece for like 37cents and the 2×4’s were $1.98 a piece so my total came to to like $4.87

    Just like my DIY Headboard (if you haven’t checked it out you can here) Home Depot makes cuts so I just picked out the wood that I wanted and asked them to cut the exact measurements I needed. This is a total time and money saver for me. Since I do not own some sort of saw this is a wonderful perk. 


    I gave the gentleman my measurements and within minutes we were out of the store. 

    I wanted my rungs 10″ apart. I got my tape measure and measured out every 10″ and marked it. 
    My biggest tip is to nail the nails in first on the 2×4, just when they start splitting wood on the other side. This will help big time so you don’t have to hold the 2×2 wood in place while trying to get the nails in place.  Definitely learned my lesson on the second board. 

    Finally just get to hammering. 

    I did one whole 2×4 and then flipped it over and lined up the second 2×4 and did a nail on the top rung and then the bottom one to hold everything in place. And finished it off with the middle three rungs. Now would be the time to sand spots you need sanded. I did not do this. I’m content with it not being sanded but if you have nice blankets and/or want to guarantee no snags definitely sand where the blankets will hang. 

    I was very unsure about what color I wanted to do. Ideally every blanket ladder is some sort of wood color. I thought about white but the whole room is white and so I went with the color 



    I absolutely love it!

    Honestly haven’t seen any black blanket ladders and I think it adds a great pop to the room and then adding a fun color of blankets will just look great against the black color. 


    If you do end up making one, 
    I’d love for you to tag me on instagram @ebrooks so I can see what you created! 


    DIY Headboard For Under $55

    I’ve had a huge outpour of interest in making my DIY wooden headboard! I think most of you were shocked at how cheap it was to make yourself and trust me when I say I was just as shocked!  I’ve been looking everyone to buy one including big furniture stores and even our local Ross and they all seemed extremely pricey. The cheapest one I found was still running about $145. The crazy part is, I made mine for under $55! 52.31 to exact!!! Read more


    $1 DIY Captain America Shield

    If you couldn’t tell by the title or by my IG Stories, Kellan is obsessed with being Captain America for Halloween. On top of that, he picked out what everyone was going to be this year too. (If you want to see our family costumes you can take a peek right here!) I bought his costume and of course he wanted all of the things that came along with it. What costume is complete with out all of the accessories, right!? Well the shield ended up costing as much as the costume, and not that we couldn’t afford to buy it, I didn’t want to because I know it will either end up not being used ever or broken and in the trash! So I decided I would try and make one and see how it came out. 

    Read more


    DIY Slime with Essential Oils | Hey Erin Nicole

    It’s finally FRI-YAY!!  
    I’m so excited that I am getting  little girls trip with my mom this weekend! Hopefully I can sleep in, win at bingo, and get a pedicure. haha a mothers dream, right!? So I thought it would be fun to make some slime to keep the boys busy this weekend while Ethan watches them. It was super easy to make and the kids LOVE it! I’m sure you probably have most of this stuff at home already too. Read more


    $18 DIY Cotton Wreath

    If you’re obsessed with the show Fixer Upper like I am then you’ll really appreciate this DIY. If you haven’t seen it Chip and Joanna are very much farmhouse style decorators. I die every time I see a farmhouse sink put in. (Those are my favorite!) I just love all the attention to detail Joanna puts into decorating every home. I have such a hard time deciding anything when it comes to the decor in my home let alone deciding for other people. They make everything feel so unique to  each family and I think that’s really special.

    So on to the DIY. I always see them put a magnolia wreath and a cotton wreath somewhere in the house. Well….every time I look at buying one it kills me a little inside to spend so much money on something. So I do what any other DIYing mama does, I pinterest it. I found a few cotton wreath tutorials but I didn’t love them so I came up with my own version.

    Supplies you’ll need

    Floral Wire
    5-6 Cotton Stems (depending on how big you want yours)


    That’s it!

    So for mine I bought 6 cotton stems but I only used 5. These I bought from Hobby Lobby. I waited until the floral was half off that’s how I got them so cheap. I didn’t want a huge one but if I was to make one for my door I would use 6. What you’re going to start with is cut 8 wires around 3″ long. You won’t need a rule, no exact measurement is needed.


    You’re going to start shaping the cotton stem so it’s rounded at the top. I shape them going clockwise.  Grab the bottom of the stem and start shaping them in a circular motion. Once all of the stems are rounded start overlapping them so that the end of one meets the top of another stem. Repeat this until you’ve formed a circle. Make sure this is how you want the wreath to be placed.


    You’re going to grab one of your wires and wrap it around the the top of one stem and the bottom of another one. Twist until the wire is tight and holing the stems together. Any extra wire wrap around both of the stems.


    Continue around the whole wreath until you’ve formed a circle. Once all of the stems are connected you can go back around that need any extra support to hold stem together tight. I added the extra 3-4 wires that I had already cut to use to secure it.


    Once all of the wires are in place and you’ve got everything nice and secure flip this baby over and check it out! You’ll need to move the little cotton balls around to cover any spots that might be bare or that you might see some wire. Play around with it until you have everything in the right spots and you’re finished! Just remember cotton wreaths aren’t going to be perfect because each stem is different. Hey Chip and Joanna’s cotton wreath isn’t perfect either!


    Hope you enjoyed this DIY!

    If you try it out tag me in your post so I can see how it came out or #erinsdiy so I can see everyones awesome wreaths!