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    Labor Day Sales

    We’ve had such a busy week/weekend with both Kaizer and Ethan having labor day weekend birthdays! BUT this is my favorite time to take full advantage and stock up on some of the awesome deals that are happening. So I had some of you ask what deals that I would be shopping and I thought I would round up some of my favs that are going on! 




    40% Entire Site!!

    Snap-Up Fleece

    Open Stick Cable Cardigan

    Sherpa Pull-Over

    Bath and Body Works

    20% off of entire purchase
    Code: feelinfall 

    3-wick candles are $12.95 + 20% off!!!!
    My favorites are:
    Pumpkin Apple
    Frosted Cranberry
    Cinnamon Bark
    Autumn Trail
    Vanilla & Patchouli 


    Extra 25% off $100 or less
    Extra 30% off $100 or more
    Code: SUNDAY3

    Old Navy

    20% off at checkout



    Beauty Insiders
    10% entire purchase 

    VIB Members
    15% entire purchase
    Code: YESVIB

    Rouge Members
    20% entire purchase
    Code: YESROUGE








    20% off of babies, kids, and toddler clothes
    Up to 30% off of Patio, rugs, furniture, and bedding


    Kaizer Nash | 10 Month Update

    Where the heck has another month gone! My baby is 10 freaking months old! We almost have ourselves a 1 year old and I seriously can’t take it! It’s crazy to think these are all of the last moments we’ll experience with a baby and I’m trying to soak it all in while I can. A very small part of me is getting that baby fever again and I have to tell myself to get real and mentally slap myself! 

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    Q&A With Hey Erin Nicole (Maybe Baby #4?!?)

    Thank you guys so much for participating in my Q&A! I got a lot of fun questions and I love getting to know everyone so it’s a different and exciting being on the other side of it. If you missed being a part of this Q&A series I think I’ll start doing these quarterly to get some of the messages and DMs I get pretty often out there for everyone.  






    Old Navy Cyber Tuesday Sale

    I’m seriously obsessed with Old Navy! The prices are unbeatable and the quality is on point! So of course, naturally, I did some Cyber Monday Shopping. To my surprise this morning I checked my emails and one was from Old Navy saying that they extended the Cyber Monday Deals to Cyber Tuesday! So I rounded up some of the items that we did buy and some that I wanted to get.   Don’t miss out on these great deals. It’s 50% EVERYTHING! What are some of your favorite items you bought for Cyber Monday?

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    VLOGMAS 2016!


    We decided this year to participate in Vlogmas! If you don’t know what Vlogmas is it’s just 25 of videos leading up to Christmas.  I know bad mom here but Kellan, myself, and one of my friends were up until midnight editing this video! It’s always so weird putting yourself out there for everyone to see. I hope you head over and subscribe to keep up with out 25 days of videos!  Let me know wha you think and thank you for watching.


    In the comments leave me your favorite Christmas cookie!






    Pinterest Hacks {Beauty Edition}

    I’m sure most people can relate, I am obsessed with Pinterest. If I have a question, need to find a dinner recipe, or looking for inspiration for a new project I want to work on I always find myself searching Pinterest first. The funny part is sometimes these Pinterest finds are in no way, shape, or form realistic to do. So I decide I would attempt some hacks I find that I have been wanting to try and see what the outcome is. This week I’m going to try out beauty hacks. Wish me luck..

    Beauty Hack #1

    Red Lipstick to coverup dark circles


    So I found this red lipstick from CVS. It’s the Milani Passion. I read that the red is a color corrector for dark circles and I thought, “Hey, I’m the dark circle queen with 2 kids. I definitely need to try this out.” I wanted to do one side with the red lipstick and one side without to see if you can tell a difference. Then I forgot and did both and wiped off the left side.


    It was really weird to put this under my eye. I looked like I was sick or had pink eye! I’m not sure if I blended it out as much as I need to but I let it set for a minute and put my foundation on. I did concealer over that and it covered it all up. I’m not 100% that it worked completely but we did say that it made my eye look a little brighter so I guess that’s a sign that it covered up some under circle!!



    Over all I think I’m going to have to try this one again to see if it really worked!
    So for now I’ll give it a PASS!

    Beauty Hack #2

    Use a spoon to get perfect wing shaped eyeliner



    I have seen this one around the internet and don’t really know what to think.

    I’ve tried this twice now. The first time the pictures didn’t come out so well but the winged liner wasn’t horrible. I felt that if you have never attempted winged liner and are looking for a quick guide because you don’t have time to run out or to watch a ton of YouTube videos it was a good try BUT my second time around trying it did not come out like the first time I tried it.


    It actually was quite horrible the second time. My wing went so far up my eye it was awful. I don’t think I will try this one again and have to give it a huge thumbs down.


    Beauty Hack #3

    Use baby powder to lengthen and thicken eyelashes


    To be totally honest I can’t really tell if it worked. I put one coat of Urban Decay mascara on. I used a q-tip to dust my eyelashes with baby powder. Added another coat of mascara, another coat of baby powder and one last coat of mascara. I did my left eye with just 3 coats of mascara. I can kind of tell a tiny bit that the right eye was thicker but length wise I did not notice any different. I would definitely give this another shot to see if it really helps. Maybe add a little extra baby powder.



    I am going to give this one a FAIL because I didn’t notice a difference really.

    Here is the final look of everything!


    Have you tried any Pinterest Hacks?

    Which ones worked for you and which ones were a complete FAIL?




    How To Style Your Favorite Date Night Outfit

    I am so excited to announce the cutest thing ever!!!

    It’s called The Mom Capsule.
    They are launching November 2nd!!!


    These two beautiful ladies, started this awesome website to help us moms out with wardrobe shopping. I never had this problem when my oldest was a tiny baby but now that he is getting older and more adventurous, and on top of  having an eight month old baby, it’s hard to go clothes shopping for yourself sometimes. Shopping with kids is a handful and a task in itself, so why not let someone take the stress off of you and do your shopping for you!
    I love this idea and can’t wait to start utilizing it.

    The Mom Capsule was so sweet to send me an awesome dress and I was able to style my own outfit.

    This date night outfit is perfect for anyone and I know you have these accessories stored in you closet already. You can never go wrong with a black leather jacket and some peep toe heels.





    I hope you liked this outfit and can find some inspiration!
    Remember to stop by The Mom Capsule and check out their Instagram too for updates.