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    October Favorites

    I hope everyone had an awesome October! This has been the first month that we haven’t had much to do. This summer was crazy for us! From May to October I think we were only home a handful of weekends for that whole 5 month span. Time for us to take a break and relax before the big holidays come up. So, I came up with a list of some of my favorite products that I’ve been using for the month.

    First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream Intense Hydration


    First up is this First Aid Beauty the Ultra Repair Cream. This stuff is no joke! Since the weather is changing from Summer to Fall I needed some serious moisturizer. It brings so much moisture to  your skin you barely need any. This jar will last you for a long time! I like to switch my moisturizers up and I recently brought this one back. I especially love to use this one at night so when I wake up my face feels super hydrated.

    Living Proof Dry Shampoo


    I am obsessed with dry shampoo. Sometimes I just don’t feel like washing my hair or I’m just in a hurry and don’t get a chance to and need to run out the door real quick. This dry shampoo is one of my favorites! Is it weird I like the way this one smells!? I have tried a handful of different dry shampoos and this is one of my top ones that I like to come back to.

    No7 Stay Perfect Foundation


    This foundation is the! No, but in all honesty I have an addiction to buying foundation. I feel like you have different types of foundation. Are you going out for the night, boom full coverage. Are you going on a date? Medium coverage to the rescue. So you can’t just own one! Well Sephora and I both know I love the expensive kind but it gets pricey buying $40-$60 foundation every time. I found this one at Walgreens and thought it can’t hurt to try it for $15. I was hooked the moment I bought it. It sits on your face so nicely and actually has a good color selection to chose from.

    Lush Bath Bomb


    I have recently been getting back in the bath scene. I feel like it’s so relaxing and mentally soothing. I leave the electronics out and put on some Explosions In The Sky and throw in some awesome bath bombs. This Lush Sakura bath bomb smells amazing. It is definitely one of my favorite scents from Lush! If you end up loving the bath bomb it also comes in two different types of shower scrubs too!

    Burts Bee Lipstick


    Burts Bees lipstick is so moisturizing and I love that it’s natural and not tested on animals. It has some beautiful colors but one of my favorites is the Lily Lake color. I find sometimes that I love the matte lip look but it ends up being so drying on my lips. This lipstick is nice to have in my collection.

    Farmacy New Day Gentle Exfoliating Grains


    Now Farmacy New Day Exfoliant is the coolest thing ever.  I read some reviews on it and finally decided to jump on board and try it out. It was crazy the first time I used it. It’s a powder!!! You pour some in the palm of your hand and add a little water and rub together to create some sort of paste. It is the softest scrub I have used on my face. It is plant based with white willow bark, carrot, green tea, and marshmallow to soothe, protect, and calm the skin. This is the first package I bought to test out the product before I fully committed to the big bottles. I have never regretted trying it and this is always going to be a staple in my skin care routine.

    That is all for my October Favorites and  I hope you guys enjoyed. Let me know what some of your favorites were for the month of October. Thanks for stopping by!



    Toddler Update

    My little Kellan is 2 1/2 years old. Where the time went I seriously have no idea.  I feel like I was just pregnant with him and here he is growing into this little person that I love. He has his own thoughts, ideas, and an imagination I would die to have. I have some questions I asked him. I’m not sure if he’ll understand but we’ll see what he comes up with.


    What is your favorite color?

    Kellan: “I no favorite color”

    How old are you?

    Kellan: “2”


    When is your birthday?

    Kellan: “It’s not my birthday. My Birthday in April.”

    What is baby brothers name?

    Kellan: “His name two”


    What is your favorite toy to play with?

    Kellan: No comment

    Who is your best friend?

    Kellan: “No, you me best friend.”


    Do you have any pets?

    Kellan: “Doggy name Illy”

    What’s your favorite food?

    Kellan: “Eggs”

    That actually went a whole lot better than I had thought it would! I had to stop him from playing so I think he was a little distracted but he did good. I’m excited to ask him these questions again when he turns 3 to see how these answers have changed. Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed and learned a little more about my toddler.



    Mom Blogger Tips

    Instagram is truly a great way to meet new people near and far. I always find myself checking out other moms and their blogs to find new and different way to do things. I love following along on family adventures, seeing some awesome outfits, and new recipes to try. So I found myself thinking what would be an even better way to get to know other mamas.
    Asking questions, of course!
    These mamas and I reached out and I got to know them a little better and learn about their blogs.

    You can follow her Instagram or her blog Elizabeth and Lace


    How long have you been blogging and how did you come up with your blog name?

    A few years ago I was looking at opening my own clothing store and Elizabeth and lace was the name I came up with. Elizabeth is my middle name and I honestly just like how it sounded with Lace and it was obviously relevant with clothing. I never did end up opening the store but kept the domain as I knew I would one day start a blog.

    What was the easiest part and hardest part for you to get your blog up and running?

    I have to be honest and say there was no real “hard” part with starting my blog. My husband is extremely tech savvy so he helped with a lot! If I didn’t have his knowledge I’d probably still be working on my first entry 😉

    I will say one hard part of blogging in general is putting aside the time to work on it. I have two young kids so there isn’t a ton of down time. The easiest part is when I get the time to sit down and write, I write from the heart and try to keep in genuine. I find it comes easiest if I stick to that. (Sorry loooong winded answer)


    What is the best tip you’ve received from a fellow blogger?

    Figure out your style/look and stick to it. Whether it’s a fashion blog, food blog or a lifestyle blog, figure out what makes you unique and let it shine through your pictures, captions and blog posts.

    If you knew what you know now, would you have changed anything about your blog?

    Again, I haven’t been doing this too long but I wish I had started 5 years ago when I first thought about doing it!! I kept putting it off for various reasons but mostly because it’s scary putting yourself out there. Once I got the guts to just do it, it felt right and the fear went away!

    You can check this mama out on her Instagram or her blog Rockin Mama Life


    How long have you been blogging and how did you come up with your blog name?

    I technically started blogging in 2011…but I was like 99% of people who start blogs…I wrote like 3 blogs the first month and then maybe once every 3 months after that. When my son was about 18 months old I felt like I really needed something for myself. I had gone from being a professional dancer and commercial actor living a very independent and creative life to being a 100% full time stay at home mom. I was craving an outlet. So I started writing again. Then in November of last year I re-branded and re-named my blog and launched Rockin’ Mama Life. I wanted a name that reflected the idea of being a millennial mom. I tossed out a bunch of names and asked friends and family their thoughts. Then I checked urls and social media handles to make sure I could have a consistent online presence. I fell in love with Rockin’ Mama Life because it can be interpreted two ways: literally for those days when you have a smooth sailing day and think ‘man, I’ve got this mom thing down!’ and sarcastically for those days when you are like ‘wow, I’m totally NOT winning any mom of the year awards.” And secretly I love it because I grew up in Rochester, NY which is affectionately referred to as the ROC…so I loved the subtle nod to my own childhood.

    What was the easiest part and hardest part for you to get your blog up and running?

    The easiest part was writing. I love writing and it’s fun for me to really dig in and put my thoughts and feelings on paper. It is very therapeutic and allows me to express my creativity. The hardest part was STARTING! I spent forever coming up with a logo, finding the perfect theme for my page, trying to define my “brand” and feeling like I had to have this “perfect” website at launch.


    What is the best tip you’ve received from a fellow blogger?

    Don’t compare your step 1 with someone else’s step 500. It’s so hard to NOT compare yourself to others, especially when you are just starting. I found it incredibly discouraging to look at the sites I love and admire and feel like mine was so sad in comparison. BUT, what you don’t realize is their site wasn’t always picture perfect. They started. As they grew, they shifted and changed and grew. It’s a process and it takes time, but if you try to have a finished product at launch, you will never get off the ground. Just start. As you write and keep learning and growing your site will organically evolve and grow.

    If you knew what you know now, would you have changed anything about your blog?

    Nothing…ok that’s a lie. There are little things I still am changing daily. I’m looking for a new font because I don’t LOVE the way my current font looks on mobile. And I am in the process of reorganizing my pages because they don’t accurately reflect my content breakdown. I’m desperately trying to learn SEO and get a handle on social media. But, those are all little things. The way I see it is there will always be things to change and shift. If there aren’t, you aren’t paying attention. That being said, I don’t know that I would do anything differently. Even when I was spending months deciding on all the aesthetic details, I was writing and building up my content. Content is KEY!! I have been very fluid in my blogging. I first focused on just writing and getting content built up on my site. Then after about 6 months I started really honing in on what I actually love writing about and more importantly, what my community enjoys reading and sharing. Don’t worry about defining your niche, it will find you. Just start!

    This mama you can follow on Instagram or her Becoming the Stevens Blog.


    How long have you been blogging and how did you come up with your blog name?

    I have started probably a handful of blogs in the last 5 years ranging from clean eating, health, school/organization, and currently coffee and lifestyle. The others never fully clicked for me because they weren’t things I was passionate writing about (or photographing). I came up with my lifestyle Instagram name during my engagement while I was literally becoming a Stevens’. I’ve continued to roll with it because every day we are still becoming the Stevens. I came up with “mams coffee chronicles” because this mama runs on coffee and finding local coffee shops for weekly adventures with my mini me.

    What was the easiest part and hardest part for you to get your blog up and running?

    The easiest part of starting my blog was my subject! I knew what I wanted to write about and what I wanted to photograph. I think the hardest part (still is currently) figuring out what exactly I want to write about and what does my audience want to read. I also think something I struggle with is consistency. I shoot almost every day but I am so busy between working and going to school full-time that sometimes I almost forget about my actual blog outside of Instagram.


    What is the best tip you’ve received from a fellow blogger?

    When I first started blogging, one of my fellow blogging mama’s told me “find what you enjoy and that’s your topic”. I totally agree with her too! Others can tell if you’re writing something you are truly not passionate about.

    If you knew what you know now, would you have changed anything about your blog?

    Absolutely! Looking back, I would have created my blog but wouldn’t have made any post until I had a few written and a plan. I have a type A personality. If it’s not on my planner, it isn’t happening. I wish I would have planned out some posts, scheduled time to write and edit for post, and had them post automatically. You live and you learn.

    You can find this mama over at Five For The Road Blog or her Instagram


    How long have you been blogging and how did you come up with your blog name?

    I have been officially blogging since August 2016. I love to write and began writing unpublished blogs every so often since 2008. I always felt the need to get my ideas out there. I came up with Five for the Road because there are 5 people in my family but more importantly we like to get out there and explore. Most of the time it involves packing into the van and hitting the road to find different adventures. From there Five for the Road was born.

    What was the easiest part and hardest part for you to get your blog up and running?

     The easiest part is the writing. I made a list of all the topics I wanted to cover and the list keeps growing. There are times when it is a challenge to write those pieces or life gets busy but I have a general idea of the topics I would like to cover. The hardest part is figuring out the technical aspect of the website. I don’t have much of a computer background and I have been learning so much!


    What is the best tip you’ve received from a fellow blogger?

    The best tip I have received is to stay authentic. Be yourself. You have to find what works for you and your unique voice. If you are passionate about what you are doing and can stand behind it then you will be more successful.

    If you knew what you know now, would you have changed anything about your blog?

    I feel like I have not been blogging long enough to really know this one. I do wish I would have started with WordPress. I didn’t start with it because I was scared I couldn’t learn it. I should have trusted my instinct and just went for it. It would have saved me a lot of time. As a blogger I have made mistakes but its a learning process and its been really awesome following my passion.

    This mama is found over at the Jones Family Blog or head over to her Instagram


    How long have you been blogging and how did you come up with your blog name?

    I have been blogging on and off for about a year. I’m a first time mom and have had a lot of complication with my daughter, so my blogging organization is still improving! For my blog name I wanted something with our last name Jones, as you can imagine it being such a popular name it was difficult to come up with something “catchy” that hadn’t been used. I decided on Jones Family Blog because it’s to the point, I like how simple it is and it allows me to have a lot of possibilities on direction of topics.

    What was the easiest part and hardest part for you to get your blog up and running?

    The easiest was the format, my husband did that for me! The hardest part has been getting more people involved in commenting and following along. This blog is a great way for me to share my story and I’d love to know who i’m reaching. 🙂


    What is the best tip you’ve received from a fellow blogger?

    Engage, engage, engage! I also have found, when you have too many media outlets it can get to be overbearing, so I’ve decided to stick with Instagram and Facebook.

    If you knew what you know now, would you have changed anything about your blog?

    I wish I would have started blogging years ago when I found the idea of blogging as interesting as I do now. Listen to your heart and passion!

    You can find this mama over on Instagram or her Life Really Blog


    How long have you been blogging and how did you come up with your blog name?

    I started blogging in 2008, before blogging was what it is today. Needless to say, my blog has gone through several iterations and name changes. In 2011, I combined my blog about training for endurance sports with my lifestyle blog and Life, Really: An Authentic Journey of Faith, Fitness, Family, and Fun was born. I chose that name because I want my blog to show how life really is–full of challenges and heartache as well as joy and fun–and also because I blog a lot about where I really find Life: in Jesus Christ.

    What was the easiest part and hardest part for you to get your blog up and running?

    Easiest: Using WordPress. Whenever I talk to someone thinking of starting a blog, I recommend using WordPress. It’s user-friendly, offers a variety of layouts with no technical knowledge required, and it’s free. I did recently upgrade to the premium version, but purely for more storage space.

    Hardest: Having a blog presence on social media. Being a full-time stay-at-home mom with two young kids, I just don’t have the capacity (or muse) to update a variety of sites, so I post to Instagram and that’s it.


    What is the best tip you’ve received from a fellow blogger?

    Make the effort to comment on others’ blogs, especially those you read regularly. It’s so rewarding to develop online friendships with other bloggers–and they could even turn into friends in real life!

    If you knew what you know now, would you have changed anything about your blog?

    I changed my blog name twice because I didn’t make it broad enough to encompass everything I enjoyed blogging about. If I could do it over again, I’d do off the bat what I eventually did when deciding on the name Life, Really: think through all the different things I might want to blog about someday and choose a name that matches that vision.

    A huge thank you  all of you ladies for being apart of this! It’s been great seeing different insights and all of the different perspectives of everyone. I especially enjoyed finding out how all of you came up with your blog names. They are so fun and so personal! I hope you liked this and don’t forget to stop by and say hi these awesome mamas out there!!!




    About Me

    Hello and Welcome!


    I’m so glad you stopped by. My name is Erin Nicole and I am a mother of two boys, Kellan and Knox. Ethan is my right hand man and we are raising our boys in the Arizona desert. I’ve decided I am ready to start this blog to keep track of everything I enjoy. Its going to be a little of everything that I love including all things kids, craft projects, recipes, fashion, and beauty.


    I thought it would be easier to get to know me a little better if I put some fun facts out.

    So here we go..

    I am deathly afraid of fish! I can not stand them!

    I am a huge BINGO nerd! I live to play BINGO. I find it relaxing and fun!

    Since having kids I am afraid to watch scary movies. I don’t know why but I am more scared now than I was when I was younger.

    I hate bananas but for some reason I feel like all my kids want to eat are bananas. The things you do as a mother, am I right!?

    I am very indecisive about certain things. Decorating my house is one of those. I feel like when I buy something to decorate with that it’s pretty permanent and I can’t change it. I have slowly been learning that it’s not the case!

    I love napping! Like most kids, when I was younger I hated it. Now that I’m older I love when I can seek a nap in.

    Being a mother has been a crazy rollercoaster. We have great days and not so great days. I hate to admit it but I secretly love reading about other mothers that have struggles too. I makes me feel more normal and that I am not alone in this whole motherhood gang we’re in. So all you mamas out there keep the crazy coming!


    Thanks for stoping by I hope you learned a thing or two about me!
    I want to get to know you.
    What’s a fun fact about you someone might not know?