Kaizer Nash | 4 Month Update

What a great way to start the New Year! Talking about my littlest little! 2017 has been one wild ride for this family but I wouldn’t change a thing. Especially this little guy. Kaizer has been so fun and sweet. Everyone just loves him. He’s a big boy with a big personality. He’s trying to talk and thinks it’s fun to stand.  Here is his latest update.

Weight: 14lbs 8oz

 Height: 23 1/2″

Sleeping Patterns: I’ve noticed he’s been waking up quite a bit more but I can’t tell if it’s because he has an upset stomach or if he’s really hungry.

Eating Habits: Still just nursing but will probably be introducing solids here soon

New Foods: Just breastfeeding still.

New Discoveries: He’s been talking up a storm and has found his voice. 

Accomplishments: Kaizer has been holding his head up and trying to sit up from laying down. He’s rolling over from from to back.  

Places We’ve Been: We went to Prescott. Stayed over night in Las Vegas.

Special Memories: Just his sweet little laugh and lots of big snuggles! 

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