Maternity Monday | 35 Week Bump Update

I can’t believe we are nearing the end!!!!  I’m going to be a mom of THREE!!!! Holy crap, it’s making me nervous just thinking about three kids. We finally got two down and now we’re adding a new one to the bunch. #3kids3andunder! What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger, right!?  We’ve had an eventful last month together. A California trip (if you didn’t watch our video you can watch it here), a boys camping trip, and getting baby stuff all set and ready for him!  Oh, and while the boys were gone I got to rest and hit up the casino!  A mothers dream! I’ll be 36 weeks tomorrow. I had my check up last week and my doctor said baby is down in position so when I get checked this week we’ll see if I’m dilated yet.  I’m taking guesses on when you think I’ll be having baby boy. Kellan was born at 38 weeks and Knox was born at 37 weeks.  I’m guessing 8.18 will be this little ones birthday. 


How far along: 35 almost 36 weeks!

Gender: BOY! BOY! BOY!

Weight gain: 23-26 lbs

Maternity clothes: The same two shorts I’ve had. 

Sleep: My sleep has been rough with the kids and this big belly. 

Best moment this month: Getting all of our babies stuff together. It’s actually starting to feel real. And getting a little mom vacation and getting to relax without the kids for a whole week!

Worst moment this month:  We haven’t really had a bad moment. 

Miss anything: I miss being able to tie my own shoes! haha Ethan had to help me the other night. 

Movement: He’s moving all over the place. This little guy does not stop! I’m already sure this is how he’s going once he comes out because both of the boys were the exact same way!

Cravings: Sweet stuff! I can’t help myself!

Queasy or sick: Thank goodness no!

Looking forward to: Actually meeting him in hopefully the next couple of weeks!! 

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